William Thien

Why is Hillary Really Leaving her Post?

Posted on: January 30, 2013

It occurs to me that Hillary Clinton isn’t leaving her post because she has logged a lot of miles and worked long hours, it is probably because she hasn’t been very good at her job. What? Who are you to say that?!

Not that such developments don’t bode well for the US, but just look at the middle east. Egypt in flames. Most of north Africa, complete change of leadership. Syria, embroiled in a civil war. Generally unstable conditions persist throughout what may be considered the most volatile and dangerous region of the world and more importantly the breeding ground for much of the terrorism directed at The United States.

It would seem to me that such developments would be in the most significant purvey of The Secretary of State of The United States and that the rampant instability should have been addressed directly by our Secretary of State. Obviously that is not the case. But it may not be entirely Hillary Clinton’s fault altogether. The reality of it all may be that much of the region I mention is populated by Muslim leadership who has little respect for women in such affairs anyway and wouldn’t have complied with Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic leverage and in fact Hillary Clinton’s presence may have incited the aforementioned changes to begin with as Muslim leadership railed against what they perceived as a global policy encroaching on a lifestyle with an ancient heritage.

And I did say in my book The Dream Chip way back in 1998 that the internet would be used most significantly for revolutionary actions. And that’s exactly what it was used for in Egypt and North Africa and the Arab Spring. I said that way back in 1998. I guess it’s just not politically correct to predict that kind of thing.

Nothing further.

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