William Thien

Should The Anti’s Share in The Inevitable Increase in Gun Violence?

Posted on: March 9, 2013

Now that the anti-gun crowd has attempted to put its anti-gun movement into full swing and caused a buying hysteria of historical proportions, causing Americans to flock to gun stores to buy guns of all kinds en masse, should the anti-gun crowd share culpability when and if an inevitable increase in gun violence occurs? In other words, now that more Americans have guns due to the panic buying brought on by the anti-gun crowd, chances are there will be a resultant increase in gun related violence and since it was the actions of the anti-gun crowd which essentially stimulated the massive gun buying panic, shouldn’t the anti-gun crowd expect to face some sort of retribution for any impending gun violence?

Or will their argument against that be that it is people that kill people and not guns (will they use one of the pro-gun’s arguments against gun control this time)? Will the media take any responsibility for the hysterical sensationalism, the inaccuracies in reporting about the types of weapons used, for publishing the names and addresses of handgun owners? Likely not.

It’s time to leave the 2nd Amendment alone, once and for all.

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5 Responses to "Should The Anti’s Share in The Inevitable Increase in Gun Violence?"

If there’s an increase in enforced penalties for gun violence, there won’t be an inevitable increase in their use. The panic buyers will more likely either shoot members of their own family and thin the herd, or themselves by accident or suicide. If other countries can reduce gun violence through law, so can we.

I am not certain such laws would prevent all of the mass shootings. For example, a number of recent mass shooters simply killed themselves when they ran out of ammunition. No law would prevent that.

I think it is more important to stop the hysteria and the fear mongering, hard to do for the media which feeds on such ratings and even more difficult for the liberal politician that profers the nanny state.

As for other countries stopping such behavior through law, other countries don’t have The Second Amendment. It was added to the law for a reason, and not so Americans could hunt.

I certainly agree that no law will eradicate murders by a person dedicated to committing it. The point of some of the restrictions is to reduce the ease with which an untrained person can kill and wound large numbers of victims.

I completely agree with you about fear-mongering in the media and by politicians on both sides. I actually think use of the term “nanny state” is a good example of it. Most people, no matter how liberal they are, don’t expect or desire government to take care of EVERYTHING, therefore it’s a distortion intended to appeal to negative emotions and personally insult the opposition by implying “You’re lazy. You won’t take responsibility for yourself.”

I am certain many buying the guns see themselves as victims, as you say, already, victims of a state with seemingly endless taxation and an increase in laws that restrict what individuals can do for themselves but that grant more and more authority to the state.

I think you are misunderstanding what is happening. The recent mass killings have nothing to do with people buying guns en masse but the laws would effect all of those law abiding citizens who are paying through their noses in taxes and fees and maybe they will have something to say about it. All of the recent gun buying really has nothing to do with the mass killings. It is just that the anti’s have taken the initiative and used it for that. The anti’s have actually caused the buying. The recent mass killings were perpetrated by what appears to be the criminally insane.

People are purchasing the guns for another reason entirely. I think you are confusing things a bit, which is of course what the anti’s would like.

I would add that various federal agencies with little or no law enforcement authority whatsoever are stockpiling huge amounts of ammunition themselves. Many people now know this and are responding in kind. That started well before any of the most recent mass shootings. There is more to it than what the mainstream media are telling you.

Overall, people buy guns out of fear. What they fear may vary, but it’s still the erroneous assumption that having guns will help make you safer, from whatever. You might be one of the lucky ones, but statistically, having a gun around makes it more likely it will be used on you, either accidentally or on purpose, usually by someone you already know.

The error in this fear-based mindset is in thinking that guns are the best way to make you safer. The best way to make you safer is to learn what is most factually likely to cause you harm, and deal with it rationally. If you live in a dangerous place, like downtown in a big city, you need to move away. There’s always a cheap place to live that is safer. If you engage in risky occupations like clerking at a convenience store or working at a pawn shop, you need to chose a safer job. If you commute a long distance, move closer to work. You are much more likely to be hurt in an auto accident than to be shot by anyone. If you are in a relationship with someone violent, you must leave it to preserve your life.

When it comes to home defense, deterrents work better than weapons. Have a clearly-advertised alarm system. Burglars will avoid your home for easier targets. Have a plan and rehearse for rapid exits. It can be implemented in any danger, fire, flood or intruders. It’s smarter and more effective to run from danger than to stay. Preserving your life is more important than defending possessions. You can obtain more stuff.

If it comes down to irrational fears, like believing the government is moving toward martial law or “coming to get your guns”, I don’t know what to do. There’s no evidence of it, outside of unsupportable conspiracy theories. How do you make someone irrational look at facts? Still, nothing that’s gone on lately has convinced me I need a gun for any reason.

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