William Thien

And The Rest of The Country

Posted on: March 10, 2013

Is there anyone else who thinks that it would be imprudent to let a Senator from San Francisco, CA, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), write legislation that determines how the rest of the country govern’s itself, particularly regarding the matter of gun control?

I’m a big fan of California for its beauty and its resources. And I am a big fan of the city of San Francisco. It’s wonderful architecture and location make it a great place to visit. It is a beautiful city. But it is also considered the mecca of homosexuality and experimental drug use in The United States, which in and of themselves do not present a problem to me, except for the fact that such behaviors are generally not normal and at one point in history were generally considered cause for psychological observation (which is probably unsound science it is believed now). And those same voters keep re-electing Senator Feinstein. I suppose you have to ask yourself, are you like those voters in San Francisco? I’d be willing to bet that for the most part you are not. It is not that a large number of voters in Feinstein’s district think differently than most of the country in terms of sexuality, for example, it is that they think completely and radically differently than the rest of the country. Is it a mistake then to think that they will reach the same conclusion logically that the rest of the country would on such a crucial issue as gun control, for example? And are you willing to validate that?

*As an aside and not really part of the original premise of this observation, perhaps it is even just that, that places such as San Francisco play such an important role in the modern American psyche, because of their populations and the phase shift, the precipice between common behaviors there and the rest of the country, that their largely accepted socially deviant behavior is skewing normalcy in The United States and as components, catalysts perhaps in the common thread, such general, almost forced acceptance of such drastic changes to the perception of normalcy is in fact causing such events as the mass shootings as individuals find they must rail against?*

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2 Responses to "And The Rest of The Country"

Bill,right on-per usual!! Further,take a gander at Alex Jones’ views on his ‘infowars’ and’prison planet’ sites…you will see added collaboration for our current[apocalyptic] state-of-affairs as our sell-out government bows in obeisance to the global elite suprastructure that suffocates the others-US[the 99%ers-worldwide]…stay tuned…

Thanks Victor for your kind words and the recommendation.

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