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Another Observation on The Dependent Child Tax Deduction.

Posted on: March 28, 2013

Recently I had a conversation with a colleague on the subject of tax deductions. The conversation meandered from one deduction to another and then proceeded to the topic of The Dependent Child Tax Deduction. He also being a single tax payer, I asked him what he thought about the deduction? His reply was the standard fare for someone who might have designs on a political career or in other words was basically afraid to speak what he actually thought, so he said he thought that the deduction and any such tax assistance which helped families were a good thing. Personally, I didn’t believe he actually thought that for a second. Others were listening and he was well aware of that fact. Who can disagree, I thought to myself? Families need help. It sounds great. Who would hurt families?

It’s a bogus deduction, really, as the deduction is merely a redistribution of wealth. As I myself have stated though, I don’t have a problem with the deduction, being single and not eligible to take it. And agreed, any tax assistance families can get is a good thing. The problem is that “families” to me are composed of a mother, father, and children. But nearly half of all children born today (41% in 2011) are born to single mothers (not single fathers, by the way, but single mothers). And you know what? Single mothers also take the dependent child tax deduction. So, a tax deduction meant to help families, families by definition having a mother, father, and children is being used by single women, single mothers who are not married and don’t even have any children, yet! No family there to begin with, just a woman having sex who want’s to get pregnant really, perhaps so she herself can then be eligible for medical benefits for the duration of the child’s life through adolescence. Otherwise birth control would have been involved in the sexual ordeal. Would it not? Of course she would have used birth control if she didn’t want to have a child. It’s everywhere. They give contraceptives away free all over the place, even in schools! Yes, that’s right! People are popping babies out everywhere left and right at your expense and your only defense against the cost of it is to offer free contraceptives everywhere?! Get rid of the damn tax breaks! Come on people!

Now, not only are single people and those who have not had children, not only are they paying for the dependent child tax deduction for families, they are paying for single women, often only girls really having children out-of-wedlock as well, women who just a few short years ago would have been called a few unsavory names. The dependent child tax deduction is therefore by default, discriminatory. Yes, single fathers are probably taking it. But how often really does that happen? It’s a statistical anomaly, I’m sure. So, as a matter of numbers, the deduction is by definition sexually discriminatory. Well, you might say, men are not supposed to complain about that type of thing, only women. OK. Let’s move on now that I’ve made the observation. We can always come back to it.

My original premise on the topic of the dependent child tax deduction dealt with the unfairness of the tax to single people and empty nesters or those who are married and have never had children, but the realization that single women are using the tax deduction as well reveals that the tax is even more unfair and indicates that particular portion of the tax code is ineffective and is probably often being used to pay for the result of a night of illicit sex, seemingly in perpetuity. Yes, single women have sex, too. And you know what? They get pregnant! And once again, in 2011 forty-one percent of the children born were born to single females. Nearly half! That has to be costly in terms of government support and taxes as all of those women can’t afford to raise a child through term and continue to work without some form of assistance. I wonder in fact how many of them receive government (that’s taxpayer, by the way) support. I’d wager it is close to 100 percent that receive some form or another at one time or another.

To continue on the matter of the deduction indicating an ineffective tax code, families generally use more government services by default, sending children to public schools or getting school vouchers, using socialized medicine more frequently, you name it. But instead of billing families for use of those services, they are given a tax break in the form of the dependent child deduction while using the services no less, and the bill is passed on to another segment of society, single people, statistically to single men in particular as forty-one percent of the single women are getting pregnant. Do the math! The result is that there isn’t enough money to fix the roads or improve schools when needed because there are not enough single men to pay for all of the families and the nights of illicit sex had by single women (who just a short while ago were again called worse) who want to get pregnant and have a child out-of-wedlock and thus receive the tax break.

Politicians, instead of addressing the reality of a screwed up tax code (no pun intended but it works, doesn’t it?) for fear of not getting re-elected, simply attempt to cut school budgets again and again and let the roads go until you feel like you are driving on a road in a third world country. Afraid to cut social programs and tax breaks for women having children out-of-wedlock for fear of being labeled “anti-baby” by the media or for simply angering the media which make massive profits from single mothers sitting at home in front of the television, politicians don’t fix the dysfunctional tax code, which results in massive government debt and inevitable tax increases for everyone because a hoard of single women wanted to have sex and now the system says, “Hey, you want to screw around and get pregnant? We got a bunch of suckers who are forced to pay for it!”

Why did I pick that particular deduction to examine so thoroughly? The dependent child tax deduction is one that is most often used and so everyone has an idea of what it is and it makes a great follow through into the subject of deductions available within the tax code. The tax code is full of such deductions for many other things, for merely doing one type of business or another. The tax code is a sham. And what’s worse, as long as we continue to validate such deductions as the dependent child tax deduction, something even single women (not families) take as a result of the product of a night of illicit sex, the other truly unfair deductions and loopholes will remain. Ultimately, with regard to the dependent child tax deduction people are getting a tax deduction for the product of SEX! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how children are made!

I am sure there is someone out there, perhaps many, saying, “Oh, you can handle it. Yer a guy. Buck up!” OK. I have been doing just that.

What to do? What to do!

Where do I stand on this issue, then? I’m for lowering the general tax rates across the board and getting rid of the loopholes as much as possible and deductions across the board for everyone, corporations included, because the deductions unfairly strap particular segments of the population with the product of sex. That is exactly what the deduction does. It makes others pay for the result of someone’s sexual behavior.

Simple as that…

Copyright © William Thien 2013

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