William Thien

A Great Book, Those Dirty Rotten Taxes, Written by Charles Adams

Posted on: March 31, 2013

I am currently reading a book titled Those Dirty Rotten TAXES, The TAX REVOLTS that BUILT AMERICA, written by Charles Adams, published by The Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster Incorporated. I highly recommend the book. Were I a book reviewer I’d give it five stars. The book is available at bookstores and online.

In the book Adams discusses the five main tax revolts in the history of The United States. It’s fascinating reading and the book demonstrates some of the necessary mechanics required in a tax revolt.

Adams describes the variety of tax revolts and how the citizenry viewed various taxes in the day. The country’s founding fathers long after the formation of The United States often and generally referred to taxes as “legalized theft.” And they were really often only talking about a few pennies. Perhaps they’d be turning in their graves if they knew what we pay today.

I would like to compliment Mr. Adams and The Free Press and Simon & Schuster Incorporated on such a fascinating book.

William Thien


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