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An Observation on The Conflict Between North and South Korea. Or, We Have Our Own Communism To Contain Right Here and We Can’t!

Posted on: April 4, 2013

Last night just after midnight I was woken up by sirens, which is unusual for where I live and I have to admit for some reason one of the first thoughts that occurred to me was, “Damn, the North Koreans have launched the nukes.” It’s been in the news so much lately, it is one of the first things that came to mind. I immediately checked the news on my smart phone. Nothing. Whew, that was lucky.

Then, as I lay in bed trying to return to sleep the subject of North Korea rattled around in my head. I began to ask why Korea was such a strategic place for US Military forces to be? We have a large military contingent on what is called The Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. We have been told for decades that The United States Military is on what is called The Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea to prevent the spread of communism, that North Korea is an aggressor and would attack South Korea, the remnants of a failed attempt sixty years ago. As recently as two or three years ago we were told North Korea shelled with artillery an island belonging to South Korea in fact. There were reports of it on the news.

So, we were told then as we have always been told that North Korea is a brutal communist dictatorship and that we must do everything in our power, at huge expense to the American public mind you, to prevent the North Korean military from spilling over into South Korea, not only to protect South Korea, but in particular to prevent the spread of communism.

Then, while still trying to fall asleep, the thought occurred to me that South Korean manufacturers have flooded our markets with massive amounts of electronics and automobiles, so much so that it has displaced huge numbers of our own American made products. When first introduced, South Korean autos touted 100,000 mile warranties. That of course attracted huge attention amongst the auto buying public who were sick of the planned obsolescence coming out of Detroit. Two or three decades ago American auto manufacturers started selling cars branded with American brands that were manufactured in South Korea.

Now, you might ask, what does the manufacturing prowess of South Korea have to do with preventing the spread of the brutal communist dictatorship of North Korea? Please, continue.

But not only has South Korea been able to displace huge amounts of American productivity and industry with its own, South Korea has also seen a massive modernization of its cities and countryside. The whole of South Korea offers free WiFi. You don’t have to pay to access the internet in South Korea. They’ve wired the entire country. They have new roads, modern cities with modern (I mean the last twenty years all new) infrastructure, new schools with low teacher-student ratios, you name it. South Korea is booming, I mean booming.

Then the questions occurred to me, Why are we working so hard and at huge tax payer expense to prevent the spread of communism from North Korea to South Korea when right here in America we have massive socialist/communist programs of our own which we can’t afford, and also why are we spending so much money trying to save the South Koreans from the spread of communism from North Korea when South Korea has been able to entirely revitalize its national infrastructure while we can’t even afford to revitalize our own?

South Korea could never have positioned itself in our economy with such force had it had to address the problem of North Korea on its own. It could not have afforded it.

Right here in America we are having trouble trying to find out where to come up with money to resurface our roads and staff our schools. Where are our priorities, people? It is one thing to help your neighbor. It’s another entirely to pay for his dinner every night when you hardly ever sit at the same table.

South Korean manufacturers are directly competing with our manufacturers but could never afford to do so if they had to cover the entire cost of the containment of communism from The North Koreans. South Korea would have to tax South Korean manufacturers at a dramatically higher level as well as the citizenry in order to contain communism from the north.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Not only are we spending massive amounts of money to prevent the spread of communism from North Korea to South Korea, we are enabling South Korean industry to entirely undermine our own, and we are using our own money to do that. It’s almost insane if it is not. Yet, I know men right here in America who can’t locate decent employment with good benefits to support their families anymore.

On top of all that, we have massive communism right here in America. Single women in America earn $46,000 per year in benefits for having children out-of-wedlock! That’s just for their first child! No wonder forty-one percent of the babies born in 2011 were born to single mothers. It’s one of the best paying jobs out there! It’s sex for money! Don’t be fooled. That’s exactly what it is. Illegal immigrants receive an average tax refund of $1,826, substantially more than my own! Where I reside if you have children, you get free health care if you want it, not just for the children, but for yourself as well. That’s the number one way many get themselves free health care! They screw themselves right into receiving the benefits! Because I’m single I myself have no health care benefits. None. I just pay for everyone else’s. I have devised a term for such government, I call it “Selective Communism” and it is worse than plain old communism because it is exclusive, discriminatory, and dishonest. Have you had a problem with addictive substances? Chances are you are eligible for Social Security Benefits. Don’t like to work? Maybe you can get Social Security Benefits for that as well.

We have communism right here in the United States that we can’t contain and can’t afford, ladies and gentlemen. It’s everywhere. Why are we trying to contain it in Korea and at the same time enabling their industry to undermine our own industry? The South Korean leadership has used these circumstances much to the benefit of their own country and very little to our own. They must know this arrangement is to their benefit. And sadly, by the same token it is not unlikely that our leadership has yet to figure it out.

Whether it is to contain North Korean communism or not, sooner or later you have to ask yourselves if the arrangement is healthy for your own country, its industry (No, it’s not healthy for our industry), or its people, anymore? I think we know the answer to those questions already.

Copyright © William Thien 2013

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Since the recent domestic bombing incidents our focus was taken off of what some consider a serious concern, that of the conflict between North and South Korea and the US role there. Just two weeks ago we were ready to go to war with North Korea.
Without naming any particular countries, the theory explained here not only applies to the conflict between North and South Korea and our role there in defense of South Korea along the DMZ and vicinity, I believe the same theory is valid in other countries that we offer our defensive resources while they are relieved the incredible financial burden of defending themselves and instead are able to invigorate their industry and modernize their civil infrastructure while ours suffers.

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