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If the Federal Government is Buying Ammunition at Record Levels Why are They Trying to Infringe on Gun Rights?

Posted on: April 12, 2013

Apparently for the last year or so the federal government has been on its own ammunition buying frenzy and distributing the ammunition to agencies with no law enforcement responsibility whatsoever? It raises the question, why is the federal government trying so hard to curtail the gun rights of law abiding citizens? And have they started campaigns to discredit those who speak out against the constant infringements? Have they used The Patriot Act to sabotage and or observe (that’s “spy on”) Americans who favor gun rights? Who will they demonize next with the aid of the mainstream media?

Is this part of some push which coincides with the recent increase in taxes to completely socialize the country prior to the implementation of Obamacare and the inevitable downward spiral of economies that suffer under such economic burdens as socialized medicine?

I am not implying that there is some sort of impending threat on the part of the government. It’s just that the two actions, buying huge sums of ammunition and simultaneously curtailing gun rights indicates a potentially unacceptable motive.

Finally, I agree the rash of mass shootings seems to be almost conspiratorial and could appear to be a well designed catalyst for just what I’ve mentioned. The shootings certainly have been used that way. And you know what I’ve said before, what something is…is what something does.

For more information on what I discuss above, see http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?a=Files.Serve&File_id=9cde768f-bb3a-4fd9-8176-1745c21519c2

Or this, http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2012/federal-law-enforcement-agencies-buy-ammunition.aspx

Or here, http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2012/08/why-is-the-government-buying-up-so-much-ammo-2450102.html

Or this, http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2012/08/why-is-the-government-buying-up-so-much-ammo-2450102.html

What’s wrong with that coffee?

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5 Responses to "If the Federal Government is Buying Ammunition at Record Levels Why are They Trying to Infringe on Gun Rights?"

yes, the various ‘alternative-right’ blogs I visit mention DHS’s recent buying up ammo a lot too; they’re quite convinced this is failsafe proof of impending apocalypse….

I can’t believe there hasn’t been mainstream press inquiry into this, but i’m not sure cuz i was too lazy to check.

It’s not just DHS, The Social Security Administration is buying ammunition, too.

I read your post above, but not the links you provided at the end of it.
Do you think there’s some cabal being instigated by the current administration? I don’t, but then I don’t know that of course. I’d think it would be a simple, obvious question for the mainstream press: why the buildup?

I am not certain why the mainstream press isn’t looking into the matter more thoroughly. I am quite sure though that public sentiment is changing with regard to how it views the mainstream press and its regard for the validity of the mainstream press.

I think you’re on to something.

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