William Thien

An Observation on The Conflict Between North and South Korea. Or, We Have Our Own Communism To Contain Right Here and We Can’t!

Posted on: April 25, 2013

Since the recent domestic bombing incidents our focus was taken off of what some consider a serious concern, that of the conflict between North and South Korea and the US role there. Just two weeks ago we were ready to go to war with North Korea.
Without naming any particular countries, the theory explained here not only applies to the conflict between North and South Korea and our role there in defense of South Korea along the DMZ and vicinity, I believe the same theory is valid in other countries that we offer our defensive resources while they are relieved of the incredible financial burden of defending themselves and instead are able to invigorate their industry and modernize their civil infrastructure while ours suffers.

William Thien

Last night just after midnight I was woken up by sirens, which is unusual for where I live and I have to admit for some reason one of the first thoughts that occurred to me was, “Damn, the North Koreans have launched the nukes.” It’s been in the news so much lately, it is one of the first things that came to mind. I immediately checked the news on my smart phone. Nothing. Whew, that was lucky.

Then, as I lay in bed trying to return to sleep the subject of North Korea rattled around in my head. I began to ask why Korea was such a strategic place for US Military forces to be? We have a large military contingent on what is called The Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. We have been told for decades that The United States Military is on what is called The…

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