William Thien

Warning, Conspiracy Theory Follows

Posted on: April 29, 2013

After hearing about all of the redundancies in the security and intelligence organization of the country, the layers of the onion as they say, it makes you wonder how the bombings at The Boston Marathon could have ever occurred? And you know what, the same question came to my mind with the attacks on The World Trade Centers?

Something occurred to me that has probably crossed your mind as well. (Warning, Conspiracy Theory Follows!) What if in order to change the political climate, our leadership, perhaps someone or an organization within the intelligence community or even our elected, is letting the terrorists through the net, is instructing whomever in the intelligence apparatus to back off, to let it happen?

I really don’t think anything more needs to be said about the matter, just something to consider. Perhaps one can find an answer to such questions by examining the political-historical timing at the moment of the two events, lest we disregard the events at our own peril as a country. The first time, it can be called accidental almost. But if it happens again…especially after such a massive, huge security and intelligence apparatus buildup at such humongous taxpayer expense…not just in terms of dollars but in terms of the forfeiture of your civil rights…Patriot Act…

I would add that apparently The Attorney General, Eric Holder, sent word to Mirandize the surviving bombing suspect as soon as thirty hours before law required doing so which halted the investigation/interrogation and also sent a judge to charge the suspect very early on into the interrogation, something that is almost never done in a normal investigation, almost as if to shut the suspect up and prevent something from leaking which the public should like to know. It seems to suggest a “coverup” in a way, does it not?

Regarding the ability of the intelligence community to recognize something that would portend the bombings, not to sound apologetic for the country’s intelligence agencies, but it is difficult to recognize something such as that occurred at the Boston Marathon, even if the suspects show up on the radar well over a year in advance, which the eldest one did. First of all, you would have to know what you are looking for, you would have to have some sort of parameters or a list of ingredients for the bombs and then it would presumably show up as some sort of flag during analysis, I presume. But if the items were paid for or accumulated by many people, that would make it more difficult to recognize a pattern. Nevertheless, it seems that at one time, just as with 9/11, our intelligence community had a number of indications of a potential attack, such as the comments made by one of the 9/11 terrorists to a commercial jet flight instructor that they weren’t interested in knowing how to land the plane, they just wanted to know how to fly it, or that the eldest of the two Boston Marathon bombings was interviewed some time ago by our own internal security. Our intelligence community was thoroughly aware of their presence in both cases.

And that is why I tend to believe that if it were some conspiracy which enabled the bombings to occur, it had a political element to it or some element outside of the intelligence community who may have somehow turned the focus away from the impending disasters.

Who would do that? What is their motive? What organization might do something like that? That is cause for another essay on the matter perhaps at a later date.

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