William Thien

A Tax on Fuel Efficient Cars? Really?

Posted on: May 7, 2013

The government wants to start taxing fuel-efficient cars because they believe rightly so that those who drive them pay less in gas tax. Last I heard there was a tax break for buying a fuel-efficient car such as a hybrid, too. Seems like our country’s energy policy is full of conflicting ideals, a tax break for fuel-efficient cars and an extra tax on the same car.

Now they’ve come to the understanding that gas tax revenues, the bread and butter of most multi-level government transportation funds, those transportation funds that are frequently raided to pay for social programs by the way, decrease when consumers buy fuel-efficient cars. Really? Who would have thought that?

Even though it is a free market, it makes you wonder why the government hasn’t been doing more to keep the price of gas down so more people drive generating more gas tax revenue?

It is as if the current national energy policy is poorly designed and in conflict with itself with tax breaks for cars that the government wants to tax extra and high gas prices to boot, and it is costing the consumer substantially while making it difficult to keep up the roadways and other transportation systems as less gas tax revenues are generated.

If all cars were electric, who would pay to upkeep the roads if no gas tax were collected?

Maybe it is time to raid the social programs this time to pay for the roads?

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