William Thien

Republican or Democrat? What If We Did It By The Numbers?

Posted on: June 4, 2013

I think it is likely were there some way to qualify a politician using a number system with the numbers indicating that a politician was in fact a Republican or a Democrat we would find that even the most conservative of today’s Republicans are really indistinguishable from Democrats of perhaps the post World War II era and that a lot of today’s Democrats are really Socialists or Communists with members of both the Republican and Democratic parties merely trying to get elected by promising money in some way or another, whether it be an entitlement check or a tax break, a re-distribution of wealth to whomever.

In other words, I see American politics as having taken a dramatic “phase shift” to the left over the last seventy years so that even conservatism has shifted to the left, kept its name but changed its shape, and liberalism has actually taken control of the leftist/socialist/communist agenda for some time, now.

But that “phase shift” phenomenon is not geographically universal. Liberalism and left leaning policy is far more prevalent in urban areas. As you move to the suburbs, the population becomes more conservative, and as you approach completely rural segments of the country, the vote is almost predominantly conservative.

A resurgence of conservatism has come with the advent of the internet age. Yet, in my opinion the left has used the internet more effectively to expand its foothold into the American household.

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