William Thien

Pattern Recognition: On The Recent Revelation That The US Government is Compiling Telephone Records

Posted on: June 7, 2013

I had a surprising discussion with someone at a local newspaper’s web site regarding the collection of the telephone records of US Citizens. The person mentioned that he supported the collection of phone records to prevent terrorism. There is a serious flaw in his logic as you will see. His main supporting point was that it was good to collect phone records of US Citizens in order to catch terrorists such as The Boston Bomber.

The problem with his position is that the system, even with advanced warning about The Boston Bombers (the F.B.I. and other intelligence agencies had knowledge of the bombers, were put on the trail by Russian Intelligence), didn’t prevent The Boston Bombings. That fact reminded me of 9/11, by the way. The F.B.I. was on to one of the terrorists from 9/11, a pilot in training, but the terrorist plot was successful nevertheless. Recognize a pattern?

To me the mere fact that the bombers were already on the US Intelligence Radar and still had the ability to enact such an effective terrorist event indicates that the program in question that collects all of the telephone calls and internet traffic of US Citizens may not be entirely focused on terrorists, if you get my drift.

In other words, the mere fact that there was such an obvious foreknowledge of the bombers and the bombers were still successful indicates to me that the focus of the program is on another subject entirely, us, the U.S. population in general, and with the I.R.S. scandal not even a week or two old, more specifically, those who are conservative and want to address the matter of big, expensive, overbearing, overreaching, INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT!

Of course this could all be a big conspiracy theory. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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