William Thien


Posted on: June 14, 2013

While listening to my favorite conservative talk show hosts throughout the day yesterday they all in a line brought up the matter of The NSA (National Security Agency) programs that surveil Americans to locate terrorist activity. The hosts were flabbergasted, and rightfully so, that the NSA has been tasked to spy on all Americans, even old ladies and adolescents, everyone essentially, while Mosques have received a seeming exemption from such surveillance.

It’s an indication of the country’s desire to show respect for organized religion, even when the majority of the terrorists have originated from said religion.

What it shows more significantly other than anything else though is that if America is one thing America is a civilized country.

It should be a lesson in civility to all “over there” who apparently are preaching hate for this country from behind the cloth of religion.

Even a civilized country has limits to its restraint.

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