William Thien

Blanket Search Warrant or Profiling?

Posted on: June 26, 2013

Another interesting aspect of the Snowden revelation about The NSA is that it really isn’t all that exceptional with regard to levels of surveillance. For instance, other US security agencies have been acting at the same level of surveillance as The NSA since 9/11, enacting a “nationwide blanket search warrant” you could say.

If as I’ve described previously two teenagers in one situation and an elderly woman in another were concerned that for some reason the government was going to potentially view them as terrorism suspects because of a text message, perhaps it is because when the teenagers or the elderly woman use the airport for example, The TSA (Transportation Security Agency) has been searching them, searching young children even, searching them physically.

Essentially, there is no difference between what The NSA or The TSA are doing when you consider the scope or breadth of intrusion or level of surveillance. Every American is and for over a decade now has been considered a potential terrorist if one considers the extent of search.

It raises an important question, “What is more threatening to a country’s liberty and social condition, something such as a blanket search warrant of all of its citizens or the mere profiling of a small, frequently foreign in origination and historically dangerous segment of the population which lies therein?”

I think the answer is rather obvious.

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