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Corporate Welfare Begets Social Welfare: It’s Time to Reform The Tax Code

Posted on: June 27, 2013

I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve brought up the subject of social welfare in a discussion and the costs to society the socialist (Democrat) response has almost always been, “Yeah, well what about corporate welfare?”

Those of us who follow a more conservative path must realize that in order to address the matter of social welfare, something we all know is thoroughly abused, we must also address the subject of corporate welfare. Because as long as the socialists can respond to our calls for smaller government and fewer social welfare programs, as long as socialists can respond with, “Well, what about corporate welfare?”, we conservatives won’t make any ground. Why?

Because the socialists have a legitimate point.

Now, I am pro-business. I am a capitalist. But when nonsensical legislation and tax loopholes allow corporations to undermine the American working class by shipping jobs outside of US borders or special tax categories allow certain businesses to remain in business long after they are viable or competitive, I believe the United States tax code requires reform. Because it is at that point philosophically that there is no distinction between social welfare programs for people and corporate welfare. No distinction whatsoever!

So in a sense, not only do particular tax loopholes and write-offs for corporations undermine the American working classes by shipping jobs outside of the country, for example, it is the existence of massive forms of corporate welfare (too big to fail bailouts that end up as $1,000,000 bonuses as another example), it is the massive forms of corporate welfare that undermine our attempts as conservatives to curtail social welfare programs for people and the massive abuses and misuses that come with them. One only needs to ask a socialist.

Corporate welfare begets social welfare.

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Conservatives will have to deal with corporate welfare if we expect to address the abuses of the social welfare system.

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