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Social Safety Net, The Modern Opiate of the Masses And “Substantial Sway.”.

Posted on: July 7, 2013

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I am involved in an online debate about the abuses of the social welfare system in my state. I concluded that things will not change in that regard without physical action as politicians and the elected won’t address the matter knowing that a majority of the population is now receiving entitlements and government handouts and as soon as they feel those benefits are threatened, if they get any inkling of such, they will vote for the other guy. It is human nature.

And I made an observation similar to this: I am skeptical that you will change that type of behavior, abuse of the social welfare system, through any political or democratic method. The system itself and those receiving such benefits already surpasses those paying into the system and not receiving or refusing to receive any social welfare benefits. When the Soviet Union was threatened with a breakup, the hardliner Soviets holed up in the Soviet Parliament and were stonewalling because they didn’t want to see the system change from a communist/socialist system to an open or freer market system. The President of Russia at the time, President Yeltsin actually had to use military tanks to fire on the Soviet hardliners who were stonewalling in the house of government. In other words, once government gets so large and there are so many people benefiting from its size, you can’t change things without a physical action of some sort. I believe that is why the US government has been involved in an ammunition buying spree. They believe something such as an uprising is coming and it is not a question of if but rather when.

I would have to say that the mainstream media in coordination with the government has been fairly adept at marginalizing that type of behavior. There is still a substantial herd mentality in this country and the mainstream media still has substantial sway.

William Thien

Karl Marx wrote that religion was the “opium of the people.” His belief was that religion took the place of a heartless, cruel world. It sounds good. It may be true. Yet, I am not equipped to quantify that statement. And for the purposes of this observation, it is not necessary to make such an investigation. History has in fact done that for us.

I have another perspective on an idea that arose from Marxist beliefs, a product of socialistic and communistic government structures. I believe the Social Safety Net that we have here in The United States, the way it is structured and the way it is abused, is a modern form of an “opiate of the masses.” Drug abuse is defined as use of a drug for a purpose it was not intended. We shall see that The Social Safety Net is abused also, something that is common…

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