William Thien

Why a Flat Tax Could Strengthen America

Posted on: July 18, 2013

I’ve blogged previously with my belief that the tax code is unfair for any number of reasons. But you can complain all you want. Conservative pundits make a great living doing it all day on the radio and television. But unless you offer solutions or alternative explanations for solutions, it doesn’t amount to very much.

In this observation I explain why I believe a flat tax would benefit The United States.

A flat tax would unify and strengthen the country because every tax payer, every company, every organization would be treated by the tax code equally and so therefore every tax payer would be equally invested in how the country is operated.

As it is now, the tax code is written in a way to satisfy the demands of special interests which of course divides the country in disparate social and economic segments, causing discord among the various groups because some social and economic segments of our society benefit substantially more than others from the tax code. In the way it is written, the tax code has a “divide and conquer” effect upon the country, chopping it up into different social and economic sectors that frequently cannot agree on issues that would seem to require only minimal efforts to obtain unanimity. The tax code makes administration of the country more complex than necessary and makes us not one people when we already have to overcome the frequently complex issues of our country’s social composition as it is. The tax code just makes it worse and leaves many social groups open to what could be rightly called “societal tax abuse.”

So, I conclude that not only would a flat tax be the fairest form of tax, it would strengthen and unify America by forcing us to focus on real issues and not how to address the tax code.

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