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Current Information on US Militias

Posted on: July 23, 2013

I am not a member of a local militia but it is a movement that is simultaneously growing while at the same time suffering from suppression by the federal government. I support the militia movement for the most part as many of the militias train for natural disasters and well as man-made disasters like the federal government for example.

Many militias are family oriented and train their children to endure prolonged hardships, something the federal government has not handled very well historically while at great expense to the tax payer.

Following you will find several links to lists of militias located around the country. Of course you must use your own discretion when viewing the various web sites. Some as I’ve stated are more family oriented while others are more militant, somewhat understandably so. Our country’s history is full of militia activity from the very beginning, so when you hear the subject of militias discussed in the mainstream media, you must inject a little history into the media hysteria for a truly balanced perspective. Even though they are seeing a resurgence, militias are nothing new in our country.

With that said, here are some web sites listing militias. I would add that not all of them are present as many understandably wish to stay off of the federal government’s radar. As you will see, many state militia web sites have apparently been shut down by the web hosting service by order of the federal government. It would appear that way anyway. They could merely be disorganized or have decided to go off of the radar.

The first three or four of this list seem more organized and based on a constitutional system or justification.

In no particular order:







There are many other militia related web sites. You may wish to search for one in your state.


William Thien

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