William Thien

The Writ of Indenture, America’s Tax Code, Part II

Posted on: September 29, 2013

I hope you don’t feel I’m out of line, but listen to this.

I just popped into a sporting goods store to pick up some socks and upon entering the door I was asked to donate to a popular outdoors organization for children. They asked for $10.00. “Ten bucks, huh?” I asked.

After that I stopped at a coffee house and the barrister asked me to donate $5.28 to buy a scoop of coffee for a charity. $5.28?

In a matter of ten minutes I was asked to donate $15.28, $10 at the sporting goods store and $5.28 at the coffee house. Wow, I thought. That’s gotta be a new record for just entering into consecutive retail establishments.

I had already donated a meager sum this morning to an organization that helps to maintain the grave sites of fallen soldiers.

I told the barrister that I already donate to a number of charities regularly and would have to forgo a donation at this time. I felt kind of like I was being bum rushed, I must admit, and I made the off-hand remark, “Gawd, does everybody have their hands out these days?” It was probably in poor taste.

But coming from a single male with no property and no write-offs, I feel I’m already contributing my share to the great American welfare state, paying for unwed pregnancies, corporate welfare, too. I’m an indentured servant, a taxpayer surrogate of the American tax code and nobody is donating to my cause, you can be sure. It’s quite the opposite.

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