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Someone who recently read my book The Dream Chip said she thought I predicted The Arab Spring. It was a nice complement but doubtful. She said the last paragraph of The Dream Chip predicted The Arab Spring.

Not so, I replied. What the last paragraph of The Dream Chip predicted or predicts is that the internet would and will be used globally for revolutionary purposes. I do in fact lay claim to being the first to make that observation long before most people even knew what the internet was.

You may or may not know that much of the organizational activity for the various Arab Spring uprisings occurred on Facebook and Twitter, the rallying, the announcements of impromptu marches, much of the revolutionary activity was advertised on social networking sites, in essence the internet. Hence, the reader’s claim that The Dream Chip predicted The Arab Spring.

“The people of the earth revolve…”

Today, I helped your princess learn to read in English. God is with you.

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I just watched the 60 Minutes piece on the attack of the US Mission in Benghazi. Till this day, even during the interview on 60 Minutes, the question has not been answered, “Why didn’t the US send reinforcements?” It wouldn’t have been difficult. And why wasn’t the request for more security satisfied when the various requests were made for it weeks before the attack? There was substantial evidence that more security would be needed.

Then while watching the piece the thought occurred to me that Ambassador Chris Stevens was a sacrifice, a sacrifice for the way Muammar Gaddafi was treated when captured by the Libyan rebels who publicly humiliated him without trial or respect and then stuffed his body in a culvert and worse.

Leaders around the world saw the end result of what essentially was a coalition of forces led partially by the US to overthrow Gaddafi and they concluded that it didn’t end the way it should. Ambassador Stevens was meant as a sacrifice to make up for that.

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A necessary reminder.

William Thien

When I examine the almost daily legislative encroachments states are now enacting, often with little or no debate, on the right to keep weapons as a result of the hysteria caused by recent mass shootings I am compelled to examine the Second Amendment once and again, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

In the past all types of historians, legal scholars and pro’s and anti’s have attempted to examine the amendment to determine what the amendment says exactly. It’s pretty clear to me. The supreme court also ruled recently that it means Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. But once again the anti’s, those in particular from fringe segments of society, have come out of the woodwork after the recent mass shootings with all kinds of highly…

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Nobody should go hungry but this type of thing is a substantial abuse of our tax dollars. It’s bad enough so many Americans abuse the system. It’s even more of an insult that illegal immigrants are doing so.

Is it working? Well let’s take a look. Lately they tried sending FA’s and have also upped the numerology-occult thing at the state level knowing those of us having been in the system are sensitive to it, but only if we are unaware of what they are up to. That makes two wars in the last year we haven’t entered into though the media would have had us think we were at the brink of a nuclear disaster in one and a total breakdown of middle eastern socio-economic/military affairs in another.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it is done. But don’t misunderstand me. It doesn’t mean I believe we should not use military activity to bring peace in the world, just that we should not let media fear mongering shove us into unnecessary conflict. From West 46. “You are not alone.”

Or, take off that suit and come join us in the trenches. Tell them what comes after “Praise the lord…” Because I don’t think they are ready. No, I see them almost every day. I know they aren’t ready.

William Thien

Just five months ago you would have thought with all of the war mongering going on in the media that we’d be at war with North Korea. It was as if some secret machine located in an undisclosed location was firing up and driving the country to the brink of war with the recalcitrant North Korean Kim Jong Un. Now famous sports personalities are defending the character of North Korean Leadership after visiting Pyong Yang and we are now at the brink of another war, that of Syria.

My take on the matter is that if one of our primary motivations in attacking North Korea was that it was a communist nation, why bother? We have our own communism right here in The United States and we can’t control it. Then it occurred to me that South Korea has benefited handily from the precarious relationship between itself and North Korea…

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If conservatives are being blamed for the poor maneuvering by the Republicans during the partial government shutdown it is really only a confirmation that there is in fact no political solution to the socialist/communist state of politics in The United States.

Which if course means that there isn’t one single politician amongst the lot of them worth anything, or that they are not conservative at all and merely involved in some form of political drama and playing a role which was predetermined a while back by the party, or that only physical action, a revolt on the part of a militia or organized group of people will solve the situation. A revolt of course is what they are all afraid of in Washington D.C.,. I do not advocate as such and believe the public should primarily be prepared for disasters which the federal government is of course unable to prevent, natural and often economic.

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We live in an age of political leadership that cannot administer our country. Our government does not function correctly. Most politicians are afraid to take on what we all know are the true issues for fear of not being re-elected or scandalized in the media. Often they seem to have no spine. That is why it is so difficult to write like this. I hold no office. I do not tax the public. No one is guarding myself or my home (quite the opposite). Like you I am vulnerable. Yet what I and others say here many believe must be said even when our most powerful do nothing.

To begin, I have always enjoyed visiting Catholic Churches. The architecture and services are beautiful. The parishioners are the finest people. May God be with them.

Yet, when the US Constitution was being formed early in American history and attention was being given to the separation of church and state, I believe it was not known that The Catholic Church would have such a religious prevalence in The United States.

Unlike many other churches, particularly those founded here in The United States, the United States is simply one more “territory” to the Catholic Church, make no mistake. The Catholic Church is in of itself the largest and most diverse bank in the world. The center of The Catholic Church, The Vatican, is also a separate state of its own, immune to the laws of the jurisdiction within which it resides. It is a perfect yet unreal state to which no other can compare. But it is a state first and foremost and only then is it a religion. To me this indicates that the separation clause may not pertain to The Catholic Church.

Masters at implementing social policy, The Catholic Church has often influenced the outcomes of elections and the determination of legislation here in The United States as well as in other countries to which The United States holds interest. The Catholic Church has issued edicts on abortion and birth control which are in my opinion contrary to the health of the country’s female population, for example, and then held to those positions with certain and deliberate influence and little or no room for debate. Should a church, any church, have that much potentially negative influence on domestic health policy and not be taxed?

Because The Catholic Church is a state of its own, one of the remaining colonial bodies in the world, I believe some consideration should be given to the administration of a separate religious code to include taxation which governs how The Catholic Church operates here in The United States.

Where I reside The Catholic Church is awash in scandal after scandal involving priests and pedophilia and other equally egregious crimes against society, much of such behavior dating back many years and having been hidden from public by the church to protect its persona and in particular we are now discovering, its finances. When such matters are addressed in court, the church operates with impunity in defense of such behaviors, shape shifting and claiming bankruptcy recently as if the church were a business suffering operating losses, hiding the church’s wealth surreptitiously so as not to compensate victims, adding insult to injury in an almost demonic manner.

It is that duality to its behavior, that The Catholic Church can change its image so easily and provide only lip service to the victims and their families for such social atrocities that leads me to believe something must be done to change how The Catholic Church conducts itself here in The United States, else it will only be a matter of time before we discover some other equally disturbing behavior perpetrated by The Catholic Church upon the US citizen. The Catholic Church has been around a long time. Ten, twenty years, fifty years, that’s nothing to the Catholic Church yet it is almost a quarter of our country’s existence in time. The Catholic Church has managed to slither its way out of paying victims of sexual misconduct, crimes that have occurred over the period of many, many decades where I reside.

Then I must say it as it is said in their own tongue. I am sure the serpent would be proud of such maneuvers. Where does the serpent then reside?

Do we here read within a ritual? If only I must not have to say these things.

The accumulation of circumstances as I’ve described is why I believe The Catholic Church, unlike other churches, should be subject to a special tax which can be accumulated and held in federal account as an insurance policy so to speak against such behaviors and which have been proven to occur and said tax should be levied for the very purposes such as the compensation of victims of sexual misconduct and other behaviors, political activities for instance which are contrary to the desires and needs of The United States here and abroad.

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You keep hearing all kinds of horror stories about the economy lately. The latest, some Senator from the east cost says if a deal isn’t reached to increase the debt limit, the country will default and it will be a disaster.

Add to that the government is only partially (a large portion) operating and many government employees are furloughed.

But if you ask me, one other just as significant indicator, if it is in fact an indicator, is the one they don’t talk about all that often, that more people are on food stamps than are working in the private sector, a substantial increase over the last four years. That is a real indication of the economic health and potential of the country. And it is not good.

You can raise the debt limit all you want and restart the government, too, but until you take care of that one statistic and others like it, you are going to have problems, at least in a free market economy.

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I am reading a series of novels by James Wesley Rawles (Founders, Survivors, Patriots) which are centered around an economic disaster in The United States of gargantuan proportions, a massive and continuous surge in inflation he calls “The Crunch.”

Due to quantitative easing and manipulation of the dollar after 2008, the dollar suddenly becomes worthless, much like The Deutschmark during the Wiemar Republic where you may have seen in your history class it took a wheelbarrow of currency to buy a loaf of bread. In JWR’s books the dollar eventually becomes so worthless that people stop going to work because they have not been given corresponding cost of living increases. Even the workers at the electric company stop showing up. The result, everything shuts down. Everything. At first there is general rioting in the streets. Then gangs of bandits form and ravage the country.

The books are interesting reading and often contain lists of items you will need to survive if such an economic event happens. Though they are good reading, I’m not so sure something like “The Crunch” is inevitable. The premise of the books is anchored in a real circumstance of an economic collapse created by our own government, yet I am doubtful such an economic collapse will occur. Here is why. Interest rates are low. All the FED has to do is start raising interest rates. There will be less money and/or money will be more expensive to obtain for the purposes of loans in particular, and so the value and strength of the dollar will correspondingly increase in value. In this way The FED can control inflation. At least for a little while.

It remains to be seen what will happen after that, post intervention. Because the government essentially created the monster in the first place (another argument for less government intrusion into the economy) it remains to be seen if the government can control the monster or will it ravage the countryside? I am not so sure about that.

You often hear about how many corporations and businesses are so sensitive to the behaviors of their employees that they want access to the Facebook accounts and other social networking sites of their employees or potential hires and how said corporations pry into the private lives of their employees to monitor behavior. Eventually, such corporate behavior will begin to coalesce into one socially acceptable, legal ideal for all employees everywhere, a robot with a narrowly defined range of motion and allowable behaviors, certain zeros and ones, a mechanical code, a machine language so to speak. Are you a robot? I bet the idea has crossed the minds of some of you, just not in such concrete terms.

I believe much of such intrusive behavior by corporations is due to the predatory behavior of the country’s media which feeds on scandal and will often do everything in its power to destroy a company’s name upon discovery merely for the sake of ratings, even if it means putting people out of work. In other words, much of the drive to control the behavior of employees is driven by the ravenous hunger of the media for scandal. The media is driving social conformance because the corporation is afraid of the media.

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