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You often hear about how many corporations and businesses are so sensitive to the behaviors of their employees that they want access to the Facebook accounts and other social networking sites of their employees or potential hires and how said corporations pry into the private lives of their employees to monitor behavior. Eventually, such corporate behavior will begin to coalesce into one socially acceptable, legal ideal for all employees everywhere, a robot with a narrowly defined range of motion and allowable behaviors, certain zeros and ones, a mechanical code, a machine language so to speak. Are you a robot? I bet the idea has crossed the minds of some of you, just not in such concrete terms.

I believe much of such intrusive behavior by corporations is due to the predatory behavior of the country’s media which feeds on scandal and will often do everything in its power to destroy a company’s name upon discovery merely for the sake of ratings, even if it means putting people out of work. In other words, much of the drive to control the behavior of employees is driven by the ravenous hunger of the media for scandal. The media is driving social conformance because the corporation is afraid of the media.

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The fact that the stock market is flourishing during the government shutdown is an indication that government intervention in the economy is frequently overrated.

It may also be an indication that big government is simply bad for the economy as only a fraction of the government is operating right now and the economy appears to be doing quite well, at least the various stock markets are doing well.

The collective is just a bully. Don’t bother with them. Luckily for you they are focused on myself mostly. But beware of their deceptions. They will take advantage of your good graces.

Though they act tough and try to push you around, even using the media and the locals, they will turn just as easily and cry foul if you take care of things. You remember that one time in 2006, don’t you? The finest left a note on my door. Asked me to call.

So ignore and carry on.

Note: “Collective” and “Collective Bargaining” are not synonymous, particularly in this context. Don’t get them mixed up. Collective bargaining is a function of labor negotiation while a “collective” involves the political strong-arming of the public to acquire general wealth for the purposes of redistribution and government largess. The collective can not stand for, in fact the collective fears the individual and will try to suffocate the individual who harbors ideals which do not coincide with that of the collective. Yes, the collective is afraid of individuality. The collective, with all its numbers, with all its strength derived from its numbers, is still a coward, a mobbish, angry, swarming coward.

The collective can even have corporate origins and motives, often media driven (read enabled), in order to achieve high economic activity, sales, or media ratings. They will make sure you are aware of it if you don’t “fit in” or play along with the program. In this case the government will often act as an enabler as well in order to increase tax revenue. Now things start to get really tricky, especially when for example the church (The Catholic Church is renowned historically for such behavior) gets involved, or some religious component enters into the equation. Yes, it is math at its very foundation, the math of sheer numbers, the driving of a herd of ignorance and blinding the herd at the same time from recognition of motive. Stray from the herd and you will be made to know about it, you can be sure. Don’t be a part of the stampede of fear.

See: The counter intelligence is on the counter.

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