William Thien

What’s It Going to Be?

Posted on: October 16, 2013

You keep hearing all kinds of horror stories about the economy lately. The latest, some Senator from the east cost says if a deal isn’t reached to increase the debt limit, the country will default and it will be a disaster.

Add to that the government is only partially (a large portion) operating and many government employees are furloughed.

But if you ask me, one other just as significant indicator, if it is in fact an indicator, is the one they don’t talk about all that often, that more people are on food stamps than are working in the private sector, a substantial increase over the last four years. That is a real indication of the economic health and potential of the country. And it is not good.

You can raise the debt limit all you want and restart the government, too, but until you take care of that one statistic and others like it, you are going to have problems, at least in a free market economy.

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