William Thien

No Political Solution. Is the Next Step a Revolt?

Posted on: October 22, 2013

If conservatives are being blamed for the poor maneuvering by the Republicans during the partial government shutdown it is really only a confirmation that there is in fact no political solution to the socialist/communist state of politics in The United States.

Which if course means that there isn’t one single politician amongst the lot of them worth anything, or that they are not conservative at all and merely involved in some form of political drama and playing a role which was predetermined a while back by the party, or that only physical action, a revolt on the part of a militia or organized group of people will solve the situation. A revolt of course is what they are all afraid of in Washington D.C.,. I do not advocate as such and believe the public should primarily be prepared for disasters which the federal government is of course unable to prevent, natural and often economic.

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