William Thien

How The Government Uses The Tax Code to Divide and Conquer America

Posted on: January 18, 2014

In the past I’ve advocated for a Flat Tax and the idea has been generally well received here in The United States when others have brought up the idea as well. For a long time I concluded that the reason a Flat Tax was not instituted by our government was that there were large portions of the population that benefited by the “make work” created by the complexities of the tax code.

It occurs to me that this is only partially true and not in fact the primary reason for the prevention of a Flat Tax here in America. One of the reasons the tax code is so complex is that it is designed to favor one class over another, one social group to another, with the ultimate goal of keeping the population separated, divided, pliable, controllable. I truly believe that.

Which leads me to conclude that the reason we don’t have a flat tax here in The United States is that the government actually utilizes the tax code to divide and conquer the population wherein as I’ve concluded previously, a flat tax would strengthen and unify the country as everyone would be equally invested in seeing that the tax code costs each and every one of us less and would be less restrictive of our lifestyles, and as a result we would all probably see to it that the government was smaller and less controlling by definition so as to by default keep the government less costly to us all.

I believe that at the bureaucratic level of government, not the actual working government personnel, but at the administrative level there is a belief that the people must be “controlled” and “directed” in a way that perpetuates the bureaucrat’s jobs. I believe they do that through the implementation of the tax code we have today. One of the best ways to see to it that such a mentality does not persist then would be to install a flat tax.

There is nothing wrong with government. A country this size certainly needs a government. But we can all agree that there are massive excesses and incredible government expenditures which could be dealt with much more efficiently and favorably to each and every one of us. A Flat Tax may be the best way to accomplish that.

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