William Thien

What’s Similar About the Two Superbowl Teams? Both Teams Come from The Only Two States Where Recreational Marijuana Usage is Legal.

Posted on: February 3, 2014

Someone may have already noticed this, but while watching the Superbowl I happened to recognize a glaring similarity between the two teams that nobody seems to be talking about. In fact it is so obvious and so legislatively significant that the fact that nobody is talking about it almost suggests that the matter is being suppressed. The two teams in the Superbowl are from the only two states where recreational marijuana usage is completely legal.

“Why is that significant,” somebody asked me? Well for one, it’s a statistical improbability. Secondly, nobody said a thing about it. My guess is that nobody said a thing about it because the line on the matter has been that marijuana effects performance of just about every kind. Why then did the two teams come from states that have legalized recreational usage? Well, of course the answer to that is that the teams themselves don’t use it. Yet, there is the matter of the statistical improbability that the two teams are from the only two states where recreational usage is legal.

But is it just an accident that it happened that way? Nobody has asked that question and I think the reason is that everyone is a afraid of the answer, whatever it might be. Maybe we should be asking that very question, “Why did both teams in the Superbowl come from states where recreational marijuana usage has been legalized?”


For those of us who don’t use marijuana it is still in fact a key issue because many if not most of us are sick and tired of paying for the criminalization of marijuana and all of the associated costs of locking people up for its usage. That is why the fact that the two teams in the Superbowl came from states where recreational usage is legal is significant, if you ask me.

Also, if you ask me that money used to keep marijuana criminalized, which is huge, HUGE!, particularly in a historical context, could be better spent on public education, new prosthetic limbs for soldiers returning from the two longest wars in our country’s history, fixing the roads, health care, and all sorts of public works projects that go unfunded.

Furthermore, legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana sales have opened an entirely new and substantially productive source of revenue for municipalities and states that wasn’t there before.

Copyright © William Thien 2014

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