William Thien

The Common Council Software Program, A Redistribution of Democracy

Posted on: February 14, 2014

One of the things I find most disquieting about modern democracy is that it has been very slow to evolve. Elections are still the only method of changing political party affiliated personnel and the system has become to a certain extent antiquated in my opinion.

One of the ideas I included in the first edition of my book titled The Dream Chip was a discussion of a “redistribution of democracy” right down to the very individual. I gave it a name, THE COMMON COUNCIL SOFTWARE PROGRAM.

What the program involves is a redistribution of democracy out of the hands of the elected official and into the hands of the individual voter, segmenting the power of the elected into tiny parts with each part belonging to a voter. Naturally such ideas have many in the political professions concerned, to say the least. No longer would you be voting just for candidates, you would vote on the day-to-day issues of government, government right on up to the federal government. Your elected would have to vote based on the preponderance of your votes on each and every issue. Knowing we have the technological power to do something like that today and have for some time is why I believe our current system of democracy is antiquated.

You would receive an email or a post card and there would also be public notice about issues and you would vote on the issues at home or perhaps a public kiosk instead of letting your elected officials vote on the issues. Your elected officials would then vote based on your choices, not their choices. Their role would become more of a facilitator rather than a politician.

How many times have you voted for someone based on a campaign promise only to have them go back on that promise or to forget about it? Let me tell you something. If you are of voting age, you don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times that has happened to you.

Where I reside we don’t even have the right to vote in a referendum on the ballot during an election. If you ask me, that is archaic considering mass communication today.

But there are drawbacks. Just as today, individuals for example, could be pushed aside by the masses, even when today often the masses can be wrong or easily misled on matters through clever media manipulation. Democracy can be tyrannical, too. Democracy is in fact despotic. Democracy creates minorities.

Is it time we redistribute democracy right down to the individual? Because it can be done and with much less difficulty and cost in my opinion than maintaining the current structure of government. Giving you the power as voters to actually determine the outcome of political decisions would be an incredible enhancement to the current form of democracy. I know certain entrenched elements of our society have fought me on this matter. Some have suggested I’ve probably showed up on lists as a troublemaker because of my political ideas.

I think such forms of democracy are something to consider. In my opinion, what I describe “is what real modern democracy looks like.” What choice do you have now on issues, an email? Think about it.

Copyright © William Thien 2014

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