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American Communism, The Dependent Child Tax Deduction, and China

Posted on: February 16, 2014

Here is an interesting observation on The Dependent Child Tax Deduction. In China, a country labeled as communist by our government, if you come from a family that has more than one child and get married and you yourself have more than one child, you are fined by the state rather heavily and it is directly proportional to your income, if I’m not mistaken.

Here in The United States we take the tax dollars of single taxpayers, empty nesters, and married couples with no children and give it to others in the form of a dependent child tax deduction AND withholding on their pay checks. In other words, we redistribute wealth (functionally the same thing as communism) by taking money from some people and giving it to others, in this case giving it to others for the purposes of having children and paying for those children.

Yet, we don’t have enough money to pay for basic municipal services such as public education because we give the people who use more of those services a tax break for using them. Does that sound like foolish and unfair tax policy to you? Well read on then.

What the real problem with the Dependent Child Tax Deduction is in my opinion is that because it has such a substantial effect on those taxpayers who take it, they often have more children than they can thoroughly raise on their own. They will fill a small apartment with children just to decrease the burden on their income taxes through the implementation of the dependent child tax deduction because they have reached an income ceiling and want to bring home more money. They do so by taking the deduction and by having more children they can also claim more withholding on their pay and take home more during the tax year as well.

In some areas this behavior is so prevalent, children are squirting out of each and every nook and cranny of some apartment buildings like in the ghetto tenements of the 1920’s and 1930’s, crying and squalling at all hours of the day and night because the parents don’t have the resources to both work and take care of their children properly. In other words, the tax deduction creates population growth like an uncontrollable, disfigured monster.

The net effect is that there is an increase in the need for Child Care Protective Services nationwide as families neglect their children because though they weren’t sure they could take care of the added responsibilities of another child, they went ahead and had it anyway because the tax breaks are so enticing financially. So, not only are the costs of raising the child passed on to those who don’t even have any children, the dependent child tax deduction actually increases the size of government because many of those having the children just to get the tax break can’t effectively raise the children and therefore require government assistance to make it work.

I have even heard people tell me they were happy about the timing of their latest baby because it was coming just in time for them to take the Dependent Child Tax Deduction, ignorant of course of where the money really comes from. One of them even considers that they are a conservative. If there is one thing Americans are ignorant of in America it is taxes and I don’t think that’s an accident. In fact, simply because people take the deduction doesn’t mean they are communists. It is only likely that they ignorant of how the system works and what type of system it is and from where the money comes.

But I digress, the main point of my observation is here. Here is the funny thing. In China you get fined for having extra children. In America we give you a tax break for having children by giving you someone else’s money. And we call The Chinese “communists.” In this respect, it’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle “black,” wouldn’t you say?

I’m not so sure I am against the deduction, though with tax days approaching, I’ve worked out a fairness deduction for those with no children or empty nesters. Like most of my essays, I don’t just elaborate the situation, I offer solutions, real solutions, real change, not just political “chump change.” So here is what I believe is a workable and fair solution.

Here it is! If the average number of children in The American household is 2.5, for example (I don’t know what it is actually today), then the taxpayer with no children should also receive a deduction equal to that of the family taking the dependent child tax deductions, a deduction equal to that of the average number of children in an American household. Though they wouldn’t take home as much pay because those without children couldn’t claim extra withholding on their pay check, that is at least more fair and equal when it comes to deductions. Otherwise, without some equalizing factor you are just redistributing income from those with no children to those with children at the expense of those with no children. Communism. It’s not even socialism. It’s just plain communism. It’s just plain communism because no services are provided, it’s merely a redistribution of wealth, taking money from some who have no children and giving it to others that have children. What’s really interesting is that everyone uses that deduction who has children, conservatives and liberals alike, because it’s a deduction that actually pays!

I think this is one prime example of American communism that nobody wants to discuss because the tax break is so substantial it effectively changes the income category of many families, it’s just that it does so on the backs of many others. But the tax break really is for all intents and purposes, communism.

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