William Thien

On Catholicism’s “No Birth Control” and “No Abortion” Policies and Those Such Corresponding Policies by Some So-Called Political Conservatives

Posted on: March 7, 2014

It is my opinion that those policies instituted by The Catholic Church and certain so-called conservative elements of a particular political party outlawing abortion and birth control, such as any religious edicts of which we are all aware, are contrary to the social and economic health and well-being of The United States, because those same religious institutions and so-called conservative elements of society do not also provide the necessary corresponding financial support for the result of those policies and instead said institutions and the aforementioned so-called conservative elements of society attempt to relieve themselves through the tax code of financial responsibility for the resultant progeny and/or are unable to care for them and as a result are no different from “deadbeat dads.” Hereon in I shall refer to any such policies and positions as “deadbeat dad” policy.

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