William Thien

The Tax Code that Killed American Industry

Posted on: March 26, 2014

One of the primary problems with the tax code is that certain people, companies, and corporations are increasing their wealth substantially through the tax code.

People should not become wealthy because they know how to manipulate the tax code, people and companies should gain their wealth through innovation and creativity, from experience, not from some set of tax loopholes in what is clearly an unfair tax code.

Furthermore, I believe the tax code is undermining American industry. I believe the tax code causes businesses to focus less on that which has made American industry great, such as new technologies and industrial methods for example. The tax code instead causes companies and corporations to expend huge amounts of financial resources insuring they are situated in the most advantageous position with regard to the tax code, when they could instead be spending those resources on research and development and capital acquisition.

It’s time to deal with the tax code once and for all, with an emphasis on “for all.”

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