William Thien

Towards a More Fair Tax Code, Part 5. No More Deductions!

Posted on: March 26, 2014

Tax deductions should not be offered to people or corporations to mitigate the consequences of conscious decisions. In other words, you decided to open that type of business, you decided to have those children, you made the conscious decision to have the family or open the business, why should everyone else pay for your decisions? Deductions are paid for by others. They are a redistribution of wealth (also know as “Communism or Socialism”) and they inflate the tax rate for everyone. That money has to come from somewhere. Yes! That’s one of the major reasons why your taxes are so high!

I am always disillusioned by the guys and gals in business suits out for a so-called “business luncheon” telling bad jokes and drinking expensive drinks and making sure they get the receipt for the lunch to write it off who are sitting at the table next to the elderly ladies scrounging for change in their purses to tip the waitress.

The tax code is a sham. It’s a scam upon the country. It must be re-written!

It’s time for someone with some intestinal fortitude to do something about it.

And to be fair to those with children tacking deductions for dependents, if the deduction is there, there is nothing wrong with taking it. It’s just that it’s not fair to others who are not eligible. But corporations on the other hand often lobby or have industry associations lobby for their tax breaks.

Until we deal with all of the so-called deductions and write-offs in the tax code and the resultant welfare derived from the tax code, we will never makes ends meet as a country.

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Note: To reiterate an earlier post on a flat tax, if everyone pays the same tax rate, everyone will be equally invested in seeing that the tax rate goes down and is kept in check and that the taxes go to what they should.


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