William Thien

Is America’s Tax Code “Dirty?”

Posted on: April 14, 2014

If you examine who benefits the most from America’s tax code, I think you could conclude that it needs to be “cleaned up.”

So many corporate tax breaks and other tax maneuvers for all kinds of special interests, not to mention the dependent tax deduction, demonstrate that the tax code is unfair across the board and needs to be cleaned up.

A working stiff with a family of four shouldn’t need to contact an accountant or even a tax preparer to have his taxes done. But if both parents are working and own their own home, that is likely the case these days.

But politicians make promises to special cross sections of the population that they know will vote for them if they promise certain tax breaks. It’s dirty politics in a sense in that some segments of the population are eligible for the tax breaks while others are not. Dirty politics have led to a “dirty tax code.”

The tax code IS dirty and it is time it is cleaned up so that it benefits everyone equally and does not only favor special interests or certain marital arrangements.

That is why I believe a flat tax is the most fair. Everyone would be equally invested in seeing that the tax rate is held in check and that the dispersal of taxes levied is fair.

As it is today, one group does not care about the other and doesn’t mind if one group gets saddled with the tax burdens derived from the behaviors of the others.

The next candidate that comes out in favor of a flatter, more fair tax code will definitely get my consideration.

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