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Do Domestic Violence Laws Discriminate Against Men? Part II

Posted on: June 25, 2014

In the past I’ve blogged that it is likely that domestic violence laws discriminate against men because men are statistically more likely to own firearms in comparison to women due to social norms such as the tradition of hunting, which statistically and historically has been a sport enjoyed by men. Since those subject to a domestic violence conviction are barred from owning or purchasing a firearm, domestic violence laws by default statistically and numerically discriminate against men. That is the subtle nature of discrimination that you always hear members of protected classes talking about, that discrimination is often subtle, behavior changing activity. Taking away a man’s constitutional rights is not so subtle, of course. I say a “man’s” constitutional rights because as you will see once again later on in this particular observation, it is men that domestic violence laws are truly aimed at and that they truly discriminate against. Domestic violence laws do discriminate against men. We know this is true by default because it is most often the male which must significantly adjust his behavior as a result of the laws when in fact women are more likely to commit offensive acts of domestic violence.

The Centers for Disease Control have concluded research which indicates that it is in fact men, when researched annually, it is men that are numerically the true victims of domestic violence. Though, due to social norms and social definition primarily by the media and the marketplace men do not seek some form of societal response. Men are more frequently victims of sexual coercion (women withholding sex as a measure of control or to obtain something) and often just as frequently are victims of physical violence and false accusations of impropriety, yet men do not seek protection because they are concerned about any social stigma which coincides with that protection. Consequently, society’s mechanisms are structured primarily to address domestic violence aimed the woman by the man.

I bring this up now because I recently read an article on Foxnews.com which discusses a law up for consideration in the area of Washington D.C. that aims to confiscate firearms from someone during a temporary restraining order. I was surprised to discover when reading the article that in fact two states, California and Massachusetts have similar laws in effect.

When reading the article on Foxnews, it is clear that the law is not meant to protect men but is in fact meant primarily to protect women from physical violence (being shot) by someone subject to a restraining order. At the outset, it sounds like a good idea. During that period of the temporary restraining order local law enforcement is tasked with confiscating a person’s firearms until a court hearing proceeds. But we all have heard horror stories about how difficult it is to get your firearms back from law enforcement once they are confiscated.

Furthermore, upon reading the article, you will see that there is clear discrimination aimed at the men in that one quoted source in the Fox News story, one Karma Cottman, executive director of The D.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence, clearly states that when a man in a relationship is involved in a temporary restraining order it is the woman that is the only potential victim when Karma Cottman states, “but also her own risk, in terms of being able to feel safe — are incredibly heightened.” She is referring to the female and only the female in a domestic violence situation. “Her own risk…” Karma Cottman says. The male is totally excluded. Karma Cottman is discriminating against men in situations of domestic violence, which is particularly unfortunate and disingenuous when it is in fact men which The CDC, the CDC no less, found with statistical significance to be the primary victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual coercion, false accusations, and physical violence, all perpetrated by the female, not the male.

Clearly domestic violence laws discriminate against men.

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Here is the article from Foxnews to which I refer: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/24/gun-control-advocates-push-to-take-firearms-from-those-accused-threatening/?intcmp=latestnews

The URL may change, but I will try to keep a copy of the text for later review.


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