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@# F Your Socialist Inquisition

Posted on: September 18, 2014

Now that I’ve published a multitude of anti-socialist essays and observations, many of them focusing on what I call the “sex-for-money social welfare system,” I’ve attracted the ire and attention of any number of publicly avowed socialists, many of them women since it would seem, they claim, that many of my essays against socialism seem to focus on programs that women tend to utilize, such as government programs that support single mothers (why of course, why not?, forty plus percent of children are born to single mothers annually today).

But other publicly avowed socialists have joined their ranks and have begun slinking around my perimeter, making themselves a nuisance realizing that now, after reading my positions on socialism that they haven’t a leg to stand on. Modern American Socialism is a scam on the people, a people afraid to address the matter, a people blighted by the constant draining of their income from a myriad of social welfare and entitlement programs that are incessant and pernicious upon the individual and which the individual often pays in to but is not eligible from which to draw. Socialism is selective and discriminatory.

Some of the socialists that I know directly have demonstrated to me in so many ways and in a rather revealing manner that they like to keep tabs on me, though they claim that is not what they are doing. They try to determine where I am at various times throughout the day and night and they often accuse me of all sorts of anti-social behaviors (what are really in these circumstances anti-socialist behaviors) without any basis in fact, knowing that even though there is no factual foundation to their accusations merely waging such accusations or positing such innuendo is a taxing effort to deal with.

I liken what they are doing to an inquisition. Their methods are no different. You see it in the character assassinations going on in the pandering media. You see it in the hatred of men and the male sex. It is everywhere, the constant drive to make you surrender what you have for someone else, to give up the product of your toils to pay for the product of someone else’s pleasures. It’s everywhere today.

And though I am not an overly religious person, I would not hesitate to say that is has now reached biblical proportions. But you don’t even hear the church saying anything about it. That’s how powerful the socialist giant has become. Even the church, the self-avowed arbiter of right and wrong is afraid to tread in the shadow of the socialist monster.

Questions, questions, questions. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Why don’t you believe you should have to pay for me and people like me having sex on your dollar? Why shouldn’t you be required to pay to raise my child, to feed all of my family even though I never married and I have three or more children, we are all in the same country? There must be something wrong with you for wanting to keep your own money and not pay for this outrageously expensive bastard nation I am making. You must be evil. You must hate. You are a hater because you don’t want to pay for me to fornicate all day while you work. That list goes on and on. And they always have an excuse for their constant inquiries. And where I live they usually outnumber me by several factors to one.

Politicians are afraid of addressing the problem because the media profits from the circumstances and the politician is afraid of the character assassination which will arrive from the media meant to snuff their political career. Corporations are too sensitive (could be read as cowardly by some) to deal with the matter because they are afraid of being seen in a negative light and many more profit from the circumstances, a ready and accessible source of income in the many social welfare and entitlement programs created that overtax the middle class. Everyone knows there is a problem but nobody except people such as me are doing or saying anything about it. With the power of the media behind it and a substantial portion of the population, the socialist giant is just such a behemoth that to be within the realm of its scrutiny can have a crushing, marginalizing effect.

Yet others hear us and identify with our message against the socialist giant, you can be sure. There are still many among us who are not afraid of the socialist inquisition.

Though it may not be entirely organized, it is a socialist front that I and others are dealing with, there can be no question. It is the result of decades of media indoctrination and socialist education that makes it impossible for the socialist to even distinguish that their behavior is the real anti-social behavior to begin with.

As I said, I liken their behavior to an inquisition, complete with an incessant list of questions, accusations for which there are no defenses, and innuendo originating often from the cavernous mouths of publicly avowed socialists.

I can answer all of your questions with one answer.

F&#* your socialist inquisition.

Copyright © William Thien 2014

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2 Responses to "@# F Your Socialist Inquisition"

this attitude you cite may be even more common than you think; i often hear teenage girls ponder aloud about how much they’ll get if they have two babies rather than just one, etc.

Thank you for your comment. Often when such observations are made, the person making them is subject to all manner of persecution and requirements for “proof” and statistical evidence as to the behavior involved. I see nothing wrong with your anecdotal reference. Often, that’s all we have and most are not in a position to conduct a statistical analysis of such behaviors as how many women are having children out of wedlock and what their motivations are? I’m sure such a survey would probably not be conclusive as to their true motivation, as your comment suggests, anyway. But since we see such behaviors every day, I see no reason why your observations or anyone else’s observations can’t come in to the discussion.

And it is not just the socialists that legislate to permit such activity, think of all who profit from the massive unwed birthing numbers.

Again, thank you for your comment.

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