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An Observation on Reverse Discrimination. An EO Complaint.

Posted on: October 21, 2014

I don’t like to file work related complaints. I’d rather work things out. But the story is bigger than most complaints. It’s something else entirely. And this essay doesn’t really pertain to my current position, it is more like a summation of the circumstances of most of my experiences in a work environment from civilian to government and military positions.

I often find myself working in what could truly be called an “Urban Environment.” I am a single, white male and have often felt that I am being treated differently due to the fact that the urban environment is populated to a larger extent by people of another race than white or Caucasian. And I am treated differently. There can be no question. It’s not always that I am treated badly, just differently. Much of it is obvious, often it is very subtle and I don’t even pick up on it until I am somewhere else and it occurs to me.

Frequently in any job I have had my supervisors are of another race and there are no men of any race in my direct management structure who determine the scope of my employment, where I am assigned, that type of thing. I don’t know how that happened, but my guess is it is due to the contentiousness of working in such an environment and all of the racial and sexual politics involved.

Most men, most white men and even most men of other races who would be in a position to manage the situation have already said, “Forget that. This is totally screwed. No wonder they keep cutting our budget. You can’t get anything done here. Too much politics to deal with. You can’t talk. You can’t even look at someone. It’s crazy. I’m outta here.”

Thanks for leaving me standing, by the way.

When I discuss the matter with others, including others of another race, they always tell me that they think I am a victim of “Reverse Discrimination.” They suggest either directly or indirectly that it isn’t fashionable either to bring the matter of discrimination up if you are a white male and that it really only applies to people of other races and women. Really, I usually reply? It isn’t acceptable? Not fashionable? Racism is a fashion statement? OK, then. I won’t file a complaint. I’d hate not to be “acceptable.”

I’ll just do this here.

Now that I’ve thought about the matter for some time, I have concluded they are false in their analysis, that I am a victim of “reverse discrimination.” I am not a victim of “reverse discrimination” in the circumstances I describe or in the various jobs I have mentioned prior, I am a victim of discrimination, plain and simple. I am a victim of both sexual and racial discrimination. “Reverse discrimination” has nothing to do with it. If you read on, you’ll understand why I think “reverse discrimination” isn’t even a real form of “discrimination.”


I have never had the authority or any job where I could directly discriminate against any other employee. I could insult them, perhaps, but I haven’t and I don’t. White men are in a situation where they always have to let people of other races or women set up all of the social boundaries and it is only people of other races and the opposite sex that are allowed to tamper with those boundaries, to define them. White males aren’t allowed to be involved in any of that because the government has been telling the public that white males have historically discriminated against all other races and women, too. And it’s in the way the laws are written. If a white male crosses the boundary created in a situation, which can often change from month to month and be seemingly arbitrary, the white male is hit with some sort of social infraction.

Here is the problem with that.

Reverse discrimination implies that I, for example, have in fact first discriminated against someone else based on their race or sex or even that others like myself have discriminated against a person of another race or sex when due to the historical context of “today,” none of that is true.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But someone keeps telling us, turn the other cheek, turn the other cheek, turn the other cheek. That gets old, especially after decades of it. Oh yes it does.

I haven’t ever had that authority to directly affect another person’s position in any job. Ever. I have always had some position that doesn’t have that leverage, whether it is primarily a creative position or some lower level job that had no authority. In fact, I’ve found that I am almost constantly being discriminated against when I run into a defensive wall that minorities and women put up when I enter the situation. You see it and feel it when they required you to run through their personalized, race or sex specific gauntlet of qualification to determine whether you are racist or sexist. With each new person of another race or sex that you have to deal with, there it is all over again, another set of baited questions and suspicious glances. And if you didn’t answer a question to their liking or if you looked at them the wrong way, off they run. “I knew it. I knew it! That guy is a racist or a sexist!” No, what you WANTED someone to be was a racist or a sexist so you could justify your behavior and the laws that enable it. It really makes working in such a situation treacherous…if you are a white male, that is.

It’s as if somebody has been telling them, look out for white males, they are out to get you. And somebody has been telling them that, the government and even the media, the government through legislation and the media by paying lip service to all of the professional race baiters.

Out of the situation have come all sorts of laws and regulations that when coupled with the “reverse discrimination” I am sensing, it often makes for an incredibly difficult situation to navigate, particularly when it isn’t even necessary.

I do not claim racism does not exist. But it isn’t so prevalent as to require the constant defensive posture, what is really an offensive posture, that many take.

Most laws and regulations governing potential racial discrimination are in my opinion rooted in the false historical context that all white men are the direct descendants of southern plantation owners. You see it in the propaganda films coming out of Hollywood and the words coming out of the mouths of our elected. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is about the only thing I can conclude on the matter. Most Caucasians, most white people, whatever you want to call us, most of their ancestors came to America, primarily to northern industrial cities as immigrants and to the west to get factory jobs, decades or more after the emancipation of slaves and on up until this day. Most white people, probably the statistical majority of them, a number that most likely approaches 95 percent or more, have never had anything to do with slavery or discrimination of any kind. Most white people have never been in any position to discriminate either.

In my opinion, most of the discrimination in this country is manufactured by the government and the media based on the structure and implementation of various laws and regulations which create an unfair advantage for various races and women who use AND manipulate the situation as leverage against people like myself to accelerate their livelihood at my expense and the expense of others like myself. Why? So people can get elected. Promises, promises.

I do not claim that racism does not exist. But it isn’t so widespread as to require the legislative militancy we suffer and the social affront which one must constantly address.

I’ll just leave it at that for today. So we can get on with it that is.

If you are of another race and are asking, “Well, now how does it feel to be discriminated against? How do YOU like it?”

You should really only be asking me that question if I have been doing it to you and you are getting even with me. But I haven’t been doing that to you and neither have most whites.

My response is, like I said, because I have never discriminated against you, what you are doing isn’t “reverse discrimination,” it’s just “discrimination,” plain and simple.

Do unto others you racists and sexists!

And that is why I don’t think there is such a thing as “reverse discrimination.” That is just a euphemism created by someone to mitigate the response to actual discrimination, so certain people of certain races or women can get away with discrimination of their own. “Reverse Discrimination” is simply just “discrimination.” Let’s get rid of the term “reverse discrimination” altogether.

You hear about people of other races and women filing EO complaints all the time. I hear about it almost every week somewhere or that they are “on the verge.”

So there, how is that for an EO complaint on my part!? OFS.

I’m just saying what many others know needs to be said or done but don’t have the guts or aren’t in a position to say it.

You are welcome.

Copyright © William Thien 2014

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2 Responses to "An Observation on Reverse Discrimination. An EO Complaint."

Reblogged this on William Thien and commented:

I am amazed at how races other than whites or Caucasians and how the female sex believes they can say or do just about anything racist or sexist in a so-called “reverse” sense and that white males should not feel the need to take any form of EO Action, essentially to file a complaint. They believe the white male should simply just have to take it.
When I ask a bi-racial associate about it, somebody who I thought would be neutral on the matter, the response is always the same, that I am the object of “reverse discrimination.” He hasn’t really examined the matter, though, it is clear to me now and is merely just spouting the party line, so to speak.
As I’ve blogged prior to this, I believe “reverse discrimination” is nothing more than discrimination. It is based on a “false historical context,” that all whites and in particular white males are the direct descendants of southern plantation owners when in fact most whites are the descendants of European immigrants who arrived to The United States long after the abolition of slavery and most whites have never had anything to do with any form of racism or slavery. Ever.
I say again, most white males have never had anything to do with any form of discrimination or sexism of any kind.
So what’s it all about? Why do races other than whites and why do females file so many EO complaints against whites and white males and simultaneously expect white males to accept “reverse discrimination” as they call it, when reverse discrimination is really just plain old discrimination? Because that’s what it is. It’s just discrimination, plain and simple.
I think it is a valid question and I’d like to see more open discussion about the matter.
You know when you add up all the minorities and those who claim to be minorities, you add them up because they law treats them all the same in comparison to the so-called majority, there really is only one real minority in this country, the white male.

I think there might be some agreement being obscured by semantics: when I or someone say ‘white males are victims of ‘reverse discrimination,’ indeed I AM saying that such an act is plain ol’ discrimination —— the qualifying ‘reverse’ in the phrase merely emphasizes the contemporary historic irony of the fact that, in modern times (e.g., from Reconstruction to the very recent past) most racial discrimination in the western world was directed by whites onto blacks. I’m not saying the current p.c. reign in which white males are singled out isn’t discrimination; rather, again, i’m just using the ‘reverse’ to highlight the recent historical shift on classic western discrimination.
In any event, i certainly don’t disagree with what I believe are your major contentions here.

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