William Thien

The Lone Wolf vs. The Rat Bastards

Posted on: October 26, 2014

With the attack on the Parliament Building in Canada and the several random shootings of note lately the pundits have been at it again. A former president’s security adviser said several years ago that the greatest threat to The US now is the “lone wolf,” a terrorist who acts alone and is difficult to identify.

Lately, with the various acts of terrorism and what else they can classify as terrorism, that same description, the “lone wolf” has arrived in the lexicon of the media once again as if appearing from the edge of some socio-psychic forest like a ghost at nightfall.

In one day recently I heard several pundits use exactly the same line again, that the country’s greatest threat is “the lone wolf.” I heard that same comment on several stations and at several different times during the day.

It was like a code word, a propagandistic device of some sort meant to instill fear into the masses, in particular to instill a fear of the individual.

Then something occurred to me. I don’t believe the leadership of the country is afraid of the “lone wolf” as much as they tell everyone. What the country’s leadership is afraid of, what the country’s greatest fear is, it is not the “lone wolf,” the greatest fear of the country’s leadership is a unified and organized disposition of the government.

So, why constantly refer to a person as a “lone wolf?” Why is that term used so frequently? It’s a fearful term to be sure. It creates a defensive posture in the population and makes a distinction between that person and the flock, you could say. Clearly our leadership think of us as sheep.

The term “lone wolf” is used so frequently so as to identify the individual that speaks out, that demonstrates the potential to lead real, true change, and in some cases that demonstration has been with gunfire or some other form of physical action.

My guess is that there are many lone wolves out there and that they are not wolves at all, quite the opposite. Many are probably people just like you and I and maybe they have not been allowed to associate with one another due to some sort of governmental intrusiveness. Perhaps they are singled out (hence, they are made alone, and then branded a “lone wolf” for purposes we may not know). The media is a willing participant in that charade and is more dangerous to individual rights than any other force in America aside from Congress.

In the past I have observed many things about collectivism in the country that only forty or fifty years ago would have been illegal, collective government programs, you name it, communism basically. What changed in that time?

And there is nothing more fearful to a collective, to the communist than the individual, the loner, the freethinker, not one of “the collective,” and that individual in particular MUST be singled out and branded, marginalized or their existence will be empirical proof that the collective isn’t the only way and is likely not the best. That, ladies and gentlemen is the greatest fear of the collective and the government, a demonstration of individuality!

It raises a basic question about our existence here in The United States today. What is worse, a lone wolf or a collective of rat bastards?

I think we all know the answer to that question and however unsettling it may be, it may be one that we must recognize if we want to save what is left of our country.

Note: The term “collective,” a political term used in this context to describe mass political behavior as directly opposed to individuality, is not used here to denote “collective bargaining,” which is a term that describes members of a labor union bargaining for work related issues as one unit.

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