William Thien

America’s Unfair Tax Code, A Form of Economic Genocide

Posted on: February 14, 2015

One of the problems I have with the current state of the tax code in The United States is that in order to get elected politicians have been creating groups of the population that benefit disproportionately from the tax code when I believe the tax code should be based on the individual tax payer as the primary unit of taxation. The tax code should not favor one social group over another, but it does. The tax code favors families over individuals, for instance, and the tax code takes wealth from the individual and gives it to the family with no bearing in any foundational document or religious text. It’s done that way to get people elected. The tax code should not favor certain types of businesses over others, but it does, when often the businesses the tax code favors do not provide for the population or the economy in any substantial way. If the tax code is law, then the tax code should not harm the public in that regard, and it does so by taking from the public to favor enterprise that does not benefit the public, therefor applying contrary effort.

Since tax time is approaching, I just wanted to share those observations with you.

William Thien

William Thien

It occurs to me that if I’m paying for others to fornicate and copulate and all other manner of sexual interaction and I’m paying for the brooding, education, medication, and frequently the incarceration of the related progeny, paying for all of that sex through the tax code, paying for others to claim dependent deductions on tax returns and through not having eligibility for withholding on my own paycheck since I have no children or dependents of my own, I am subject to a form of economic genocide. Because that’s exactly what economic genocide is. It’s just that in this case, the genocide is facilitated through America’s socialist tax code.

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