William Thien

An Observation on Reverse Discrimination

Posted on: March 23, 2015

I am amazed at how races other than whites or Caucasians and how the female sex believes they can say or do just about anything racist or sexist in a so-called “reverse” sense and that white males should not feel the need to take any form of action, essentially to file a complaint. They believe the white male should simply just have to take it.
When I ask a bi-racial associate about it, somebody who I thought would be neutral on the matter, the response is always the same, that I am the object of “reverse discrimination.” He hasn’t really examined the matter, though, it is clear to me now and is merely just spouting the party line, so to speak.
As I’ve blogged prior to this, I believe “reverse discrimination” is nothing more than discrimination. It is based on a “false historical context,” that all whites and in particular white males are the direct descendants of southern plantation owners when in fact most whites are the descendants of European immigrants who arrived to The United States long after the abolition of slavery and most whites have never had anything to do with any form of racism or slavery. Ever.
I say again, most white males have never had anything to do with any form of discrimination or sexism of any kind. I myself know no descendants of southern plantation owners nor do I associate or know any men who discriminate against women in any wholesale or subtle manner. It’s quite the opposite. There is always the desire to want to usurp the so-called masculine dominated culture, but when it comes time to do the heavy lifting, “could you please pick that up for me?” Well guess who gets the job? Sometimes it’s just a gesture such as ‘look how small I am next to that big box.’ But if you look at them the wrong way just before you pick up that big box, it’s an EO complaint.
So what’s it all about? Why do races other than whites and why do females file so many EO complaints against whites and white males and simultaneously expect white males to accept “reverse discrimination” as they call it, when reverse discrimination is really just plain old discrimination? Because that’s what it is. It’s just discrimination, plain and simple.
I think it is a valid question and I’d like to see more open discussion about the matter.
You know when you add up all the minorities and those who claim to be minorities, you add them up because the law treats them all the same in comparison and they often act in unison in opposition to the so-called “majority,” there really is only one real minority in this country, the white male. The white male is the true statistical and numerical minority.

I’m just saying what most men of my natural design are afraid to say and yes, I am and have been a target. People like me are doing the heavy lifting. I’m adjusting the grand political chemistry of this country and many don’t like it. They have begun to whisper about me and spread lies, to be sure.  They script my demonization. I have to laugh. They work to set me up and put me in compromising situations. All the time. They seek out technicalities and work to make an example of me though they know that I do nothing other than they. They have been seen to enter my quarters when I am away and delay the delivery of important mail and correspondence. They attempt to poison my relationships. They report to the propaganda machine what they believe are my intentions and motivations and they get it wrong most of the time. They have sent the media in to nag me at any chance. When they debate me in public they say I am responsible for the state of their political condition and then when I parley they say I haven’t a clue what I am talking about or that I am imagining things or I am paranoid, and in that way, even though they often may not realize it, they contradict their very position. How can I on one hand be responsible for their condition, so influential, and on the other have no clue what I am talking about and of no consequence. They contradict themselves!

I have only one thing to say to them, thanks for validating everything I stand for.

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William Thien

I don’t like to file work related complaints. I’d rather work things out. But the story is bigger than most complaints. It’s something else entirely. And this essay doesn’t really pertain to my current position, it is more like a summation of the circumstances of most of my experiences in a work environment from civilian to government and military positions.

I often find myself working in what could truly be called an “Urban Environment.” I am a single, white male and have often felt that I am being treated differently due to the fact that the urban environment is populated to a larger extent by people of another race than white or Caucasian. And I am treated differently. There can be no question. It’s not always that I am treated badly, just differently. Much of it is obvious, often it is very subtle and I don’t even pick up on…

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