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Posted on: March 23, 2015

I was chatting with a learned scholar of the tax code yesterday who responded to my position regarding favoritism within the code. It is well known that I believe the tax code is unfair in that it takes from various social and economic groups and redistributes wealth to entirely unrelated groups that already benefit from the tax code, tax breaks for having children for example, with other tax breaks even more substantial. The response of my learned colleague is that such taxation is necessary to “incentivize” particular behaviors. It took a rather painful effort to withhold my laughter.

Mankind has never had to INCENTIVIZE SEX! Long before there was a tax break for having dependents, people were going at it, you could say, in all manner and direction! That list is endless, I’m sure, and it requires no tax break to perpetuate. It took excruciatingly great abdominal strength not to flinch at his response.

But the tax code does just that by giving a tax break to families, as an example, and not providing one to individuals in such a regard. With the tax code in its current state, all manner of municipal, state, and federal budgets suffer, that of public education, roads, you name it.

I have in the past offered a workable solution regarding the matter of fairness to this dilemma. Average out all of the dependent deductions taken by families, if it is a certain amount, say 2.5 dependent deductions for all taxpayers in The United States who take the deductions, and provide an equivalent deduction for single taxpayers in the same amount to add to their own taxes. It’s only fair. It’s only fair particularly when families use more government services by default.

Instead of incentivizing sex, we need to even out the tax code and make it fair for everyone, not just what the government thinks is best for the country.

Since when has the government really known what’s “best” for the country anyway? I am sure many of us will agree that might have been a long, long time ago.

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