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White Power!

Posted on: March 27, 2015

The following are a number videos of armed marches by a group calling themselves “The New Black Panthers.” The videos are interesting to me in that they show a group of people who believe they are in a state of struggle here in The United States. The marchers can be heard chanting “Black Power,” “Oink, Oink, Bang, Bang,” “Fuck The Pigs and Everybody Fuck With Them,” and in one I believe you can hear the chant, “Kill The Pigs.”

The videos are also interesting to me because they demonstrate what I believe is media pandering and an institutionalized form of racism in America against whites. Were whites to arm themselves and march down the street shouting slogans such as “White Power,” it would be reported by the media as “fascism” or that the marchers were “white supremacists” or “neo-nazis.”

We have all seen newscasts of such events where the white protesters are unarmed, brandishing their particular flags or uniforms and how they are portrayed. People are often gathered around the protesters throwing things at them or spitting on them, all of which is considered acceptable behavior towards white groups that are exercising their constitutional rights. The newscasts are populated with biased interviews and the white protesters are vilified by the commentary. Even early gatherings of The Tea Party no less suffered such treatment.

What I am referring to here is the obvious double standard in America regarding a white struggle that is suppressed and slanted by the mainstream media, suppressed in order to protect media markets that pander to particular races other than whites and in doing so suppressing the lengthy history of violence perpetrated in particular by blacks against whites, something we almost never hear about.

As I’ve stated previously, it is my opinion that whites and in particular white males are the true minority in America. In order to perpetuate media markets that pander to races other than whites, the mainstream media deliberately subjugate and suppress true white sentiment in America.

You can reach your own conclusion about what is going on in these videos. I do not begrudge anyone for marching around and shouting, whether they are justified or not. And my goal here is not to invalidate anyone’s perceived struggle.

After watching the videos however, imagine the mainstream media reaction to a cadre of heavily armed whites marching down the street shouting “White Power” and maybe some other things, which never happens by the way though maybe it should, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The videos were located on Youtube.com and all rights belong to Youtube as to their ownership and distribution or the associated maker of the videos.



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6 Responses to "White Power!"

An interesting post, Bill. Though I think it is the right of all Americans to protest what they see as an injustice, I do agree that the news media tends to slant its coverage and often condones one group over another. There is also a conclusion some of these protesters are reaching that overreaction of police departments in terms of use of force and racial profiling will happen everywhere. The one restaurant owner seemed to mirror what I believe to be true: education will lead to people being sensitive to all people regardless of race, religion, ethnic background. This is thought provoking, though.


I believe the reason for the slanting on the part of the media is to preserve a market. Whether that is ultimately the “right” thing to do or the “wrong” thing to do, I think people need to know what is going on this that regard.


well, yeah, a market you might call the ‘social liberal’ market, or perhaps the non-white American citizen market. But the problem with writing motive off entirely to that is: why would purely market-minded interests cater to that market while alienating the white mainstream American market? That wouldn’t seem to be financially wise and prudent when looking at the issue from a financial-demographic view, etc..


You are assuming that the white mainstream American is able to see past the media cloud of guilt.


Reblogged this on William Thien and commented:

I added some videos to this observation and elaborated on the ideas within. The mainstream media are foaming at the mouth over it.


I agree with much of what you say; there was a need for the civil rights movement, and perhaps there’s even somewhat of a logical explanation in there being some racial ‘backlash’ in its aftermath…. But it’s now well beyond some sanctimonious p.c. orthodoxy that’s in play and we are approaching outright farcical levels. I mean, there are many-upon-many black teenagers who think that white Klansmen and white police officers are a much bigger threat to their lives than fellow blacks —– problem is, the aggregate statistics clearly and quickly prove how utterly untrue that is, no matter how much we may wish things to be.

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