William Thien

Fight or Flight, or as in My Case, “Write”

Posted on: March 31, 2015

Over the course of this blog and in my writings, my novels, my essays, the one thing I’ve discovered about the socialist is that there is nothing more that they fear than someone like myself writing out my position on issues and using myself as an example in my writing. There is nothing more fearful to the socialist control freak than someone such as myself being able to elaborate an idea or to expose a corrupt socialist or racist behavior.  What I have noticed in writing this blog is that the closer you approach an idea which puts bread on the table for the socialist or justifies collective tyrannical behaviors, the more fanatical they become, the more disingenuous, devious, slanderous, racist, and even sexist. They taunt you and swarm at you like a pestilent insect, harass you, mislead you, they betray you, attempt to marginalize you.

I do not claim that any other person of varying political ideology is exempt from such behaviors, it is just that the socialist claims to be above and beyond all of that when in fact Socialists are often the most devious of all political persuasions.

All I have to say in that regard is, “as much as the socialist hates it, for me it’s not fight or flight, it’s write.”

Copyright © William Thien 2015

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