William Thien

White Supremacy or White Survival?

Posted on: April 11, 2015

I wrote recently that an organized group calling themselves “The Black Panthers” was videoed marching around with guns and shouting anti-law enforcement chants such as “fuck the pigs and everyone fuck with them” and shouting slogans such as “Black Power!” Many of my readers were surprised that they had not seen the videos I displayed. They wondered why the national mainstream media had not shown the videos. Though I don’t watch much television news, I don’t recall seeing the videos at online news sites either. The videos may have been shown in the mainstream media though nobody I have asked can recall seeing them. The videos (scroll down into my blog roll to see them) certainly weren’t given much coverage. If you ask me, the videos are definitely newsworthy, more so than most news. An armed group of people who believe they are involved in a life and death struggle (hence the public display of guns) are marching around in the streets of America? Really? Sounds like news to me. Little time if any was spent on them at the national level.

I also blogged to the effect that I believe were whites to do the same, they would be vilified by the media. My explanation for this is that the media are pandering to the larger market of black Americans who spend more time watching television and in that way the media are trying to preserve a market, a market for their advertisers and to maintain their ratings. Were the media to start telling the truth about violence perpetrated by blacks against whites or even black on black violence, it would disenfranchise the black viewer and cause them to change the channel. Gone would be market share and advertising dollars directed at the black audience. Makes sense if you do the math, doesn’t it? But it’s not just the media, the government has an incredible stake in seeing that the white middle classes are abiding by the tax code as well. Not only are the white middle classes the bread and butter of the government, they support all the other programs the government perpetuates as well. The white middle classes not only suffer under the yoke of the media, they are subject to an incredible burden of taxation, a burden that is not only heavy in toll but that is misused to pay for programs many do not support, an added insult.

So then why do the media vilify whites who shout “White Power” when they rally or march? Is it due to some historical context? Or is it that the media can effectively use some antiquated notion of white America to perpetuate its markets?

Or, rather where am I going with this you might be asking?

I believe there is a white struggle in America that as I’ve stated before is being suppressed by the media. I believe the media wants to maintain a status quo that in particular subjugates and silences middle class white America.

There is a reason for this. The tax code is structured in such a way so as to draw most of the finances used to pay for social programs from the white middle classes. The funds that go to pay for the social programs utilized in many areas are to a larger extent used primarily by black Americans whereas in those areas and in most, black Americans do not contribute or pay for those programs in any proportionate way. Do blacks serve alongside whites? Have they not done their duty for the country? Of course. No question.

This argument is not about blacks, though, in so much as it is about how the system we all live in snuffs out the attempts of whites to survive in that system that is growing radically more hostile by definition and structure towards whites.

The amount of funds for example that black Americans contribute to social programs is a small fraction of the amount of funds whites contribute yet blacks use the programs at least at an equivalent amount if not more.

The same is often true of races other than blacks. Some would say that all of this may be an accident of socioeconomics, that since white Americans fall into that tax category, that’s just how it is, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a massive burden placed upon the white taxpayer that is unfair, disproportionate, and a massive economic insult. All of this has been happening for decades now while whites are often the subject of black on white violence and significant property crimes. The violence and criminal behavior is excused by the media in its constant omission of such statistics and facts and it is excused by systematic legal leniency.

The burden upon white middle class Americans of paying for all of the social programs and the social insult of all of the black on white crimes is a burden that is a crushing one. I see no reason why whites should be vilified for expressing their position in any such way, in particular in a manner that is no different than we’ve seen in the videos of The Black Panthers marching through the streets, up in arms no less.

Do I believe white Americans need to go there right now? I think I’ll leave that an open question.

But beware of what the media is telling you. Know why they are telling it to you, that they have something at stake, it isn’t merely just the righteous exercise of free speech.

Though I don’t believe in all of the messages we see and hear at rallies of white Americans expressing their opinions about the state of the country, such rallies as held by whites are usually without public display of arms and still subject to all forms of media vilification when in actuality the rallies are little different in context than what we have seen in the videos of the Black Panthers.

The shouts of “White Power” by whites at their rallies are no different than the shouts of “Black Power” by the Black Panthers and in fact may have more merit.

The constant drain on the pocketbooks of white Americans to pay for all manner of social programs and to motivate laws meant to equalize conditions for which the greatest majority of whites have had no responsibility are nothing more than a threat to the existence of white Americans throughout the country. We know this because every time whites bring it up at rallies or in any public forum, whether it be on the public square or at work even, they are attacked by the media and the system of redistribution. These conditions are manufactured by the media and the government as I’ve described. I’m certain you know what I am talking about. I’m just the one saying it in this way. Am I making myself vulnerable? What do you think?

While under the burden of massive taxation and threat of physical violence, white Americans are suffering a rapid loss of position in America. The justification for all of this is based on a false historical context of white America perpetuated by the media and various propaganda mechanisms such as Hollywood.

What the media have historically labeled “white supremacists” are in my opinion really “white survivalists.” However misguided or misdirected, racist or phobic it may seem at times, the call of “White Power” is a reaction to the conditions I’ve described and for that very reason it is no different than the call of “Black Power.” For reasons I’ve explained here and before, you just don’t hear the media calling blacks “black supremacists” when blacks make the same call.

White supremacy is nothing more than white survival.

White Power!

Copyright © William Thien 2015

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White supremacy is really just white survival. The calls of “White Power” are by which are no different than the calls of “Black Power” by The Black Panthers. It’s not the fault of white America anymore.

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