William Thien

White Supremacy or White Survival?

Posted on: April 15, 2015

Though it may seem misguided and mislabeled at times, white supremacy (a term coined by someone other than demonstrating whites, I’m sure) is really just white survival. The calls of “White Power” are no different than the calls of “Black Power” by The Black Panthers.

What you don’t hear coming from whites is whites saying white people should kill black children but there are numerous videos available of The Black Panthers calling for blacks to kill white children. To view some of the videos of Black Panthers calling for blacks to kill white babies, just scroll down on the front page of my blog and the videos will be visible to you.

William Thien

I wrote recently that an organized group calling themselves “The Black Panthers” was videoed marching around with guns and shouting anti-law enforcement chants such as “fuck the pigs and everyone fuck with them” and shouting slogans such as “Black Power!” Many of my readers were surprised that they had not seen the videos I displayed. They wondered why the national mainstream media had not shown the videos. Though I don’t watch much television news, I don’t recall seeing the videos at online news sites either. The videos may have been shown in the mainstream media though nobody I have asked can recall seeing them. The videos (scroll down into my blog roll to see them) certainly weren’t given much coverage. If you ask me, the videos are definitely newsworthy, more so than most news. An armed group of people who believe they are involved in a life and death struggle…

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