William Thien

It Is Time for Conservative Talk Radio to TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!

Posted on: April 30, 2015

Hollywood has a saying that goes, “any publicity is good publicity.” In other words, whatever it is, if it gets people talking about movies it will be good for business.

I believe the Clintons have used the same publicity methodology with great success for decades.

And, I must say I am fed up with listening to so-called “conservative” talk radio hosts harp about Hillary Clinton all day long. I realize the Clintons make great fodder, and it must be difficult to find something to fill up the time. But there are real, substantive conservative issues talk radio could be focusing on but as one radio personality leaves and another takes over for a different time slot during the day, what’s the first thing the next radio host talks about? Hillary Clinton.

It is time for talk radio to talk about something else. Unless so-called “conservative” talk radio wants an outcome other than they claim by definition.

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