William Thien

Outing The False Conservative

Posted on: May 12, 2015

One of the problems I have with many politicians who consider themselves conservatives by default, primarily because they are members of the GOP, is that often their policies, ideals, and belief systems result in massive increases in the size of government, and no true conservative would go for that.

Outlawing abortion, for example, increases government in a massive way. Banning birth control does the same as both outlawing abortion and banning birth control are in direct opposition to human nature. People are going to have sex, even if they can’t afford to raise the resultant progeny. That means that single women will have to fall back on the government to birth and raise that child. And they do. Last year over fifty percent of children were born to single mothers. HALF of all babies were born to single mothers. Now you know that means bigger government.

One of the things we can do is examine policies proposed by these so-called conservatives and see how they might affect the size of government. Perhaps a litmus test is simply to ask, well, will that increase the size of government or will it decrease the size of government? If it decreases the size of government, then it may be a conservative measure. If it increases the size of government, then it is likely a liberal measure.

But we should all consider that any proposed government program by default means more government.

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2 Responses to "Outing The False Conservative"

Your wrote: ” . . . That means that single women will have to fall back on the government to birth and raise that child. . . ”
My comment: “Remove all the government programs that provide subsidies for that single woman to birth and raise that child and the woman will be forced to rely on her own self-determined self-reliance which I believe is a traditional conservative position on such issues. —– There was a time when there were no government-sponsored free rides for women such as this and the women and the children seemed to get along fine. —– They might have had to live in squalor and without medical services for the most part but a good many of them grew to a riple old age. —- Of course if they lived in squalor it was either because they didn’t have anything to begin with or they were unable or unwilling to get the education to raise themselves by their bootstraps. —– I actually knew a few like this . . . . husband abandoned the family — there were 7 kids at home — nobody but Mom to take care of them — Mom died of cancer — kids went to orphanages — but they survived the ordeal into adulthood and the government didn’t have to part with a dime except for upkeep of the orphanage. Get rid of all the government give-aways that service such activities and the problem disappears — and the big government loses a few related bureaucracies and does not get any bigger. —- Conservative idealism in action!

A Clinton presidency will be a co-presidency! —– I have no doubt of that and I do not approve of that!

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