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European Union Seeks More Privacy for Internet Users

Posted on: June 16, 2015

As you know I support legislation offering increased privacy for internet users. I tend to believe that Americans focus a lot on what the government might be doing with information gleaned from our personal use of the internet while paying little if any attention to what private concerns are doing with that same information. I came across this story, EU pushes for more privacy for Internet users, while switching between various television news broadcasts this evening. The article details the European Union’s efforts to legislate greater privacy for internet users.

Reference: http://www.dw.de/eu-pushes-for-more-privacy-for-internet-users/a-18517884

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As you know I support legislation seeking increased privacy for internet users.

In my opinion that protecting the personal privacy of internet users is THE most significant social issue today. The installation of tracking code onto a person’s computer when they visit a particular web site should be more regulated. How many times have you visited a web site only to discover you were misled after doing a search using one of the big three search engines who sold the rights to that web site to do just that, mislead you? Now you don’t know who is tracking what you are doing or what web site installed secretive, malicious software on your computer that is acquiring your key strokes or uploading your files.

Furthermore, we hear in the news all the time about The NSA and other government agencies spying on us and we all have reservations about the extent of such activity.

But the subject of the blanket search warrant issued to your computer when you accidentally visited a web site to which you were misled by one of the big three search engines is hardly ever discussed, yet it is that particular activity which may be more pernicious.

We need more regulation to protect the privacy of internet users. The internet is here to stay. I see no reason why we should have to sacrifice our personal freedoms merely due to some technological innovation such as the internet.


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