William Thien

The Internet Age’s Most Crucial Issue Deliberately Ignored

Posted on: July 27, 2015

My main concern is not so much your activity within the realm of one internet property, such as Facebook tracking your activity within Facebook and notifying potential “friends” to contact, which I’ve found to be beneficial at times, but rather that such properties are selling your information to anyone and everyone. Some sites do not but most see such data as a large component of their revenue and merely visiting the web site constitutes an agreement with the site to allow such tracking and analytical behavior. It is as if you just set your foot in the door of a brick and mortar location, realized you were in the wrong place, turned around and left, yet they surreptitiously attached something to your coat when you came through the doorway which tracks your every move from that point on. It is no different.

William Thien

As you know I support legislation seeking increased privacy for internet users.

It is my opinion that protecting the personal privacy of internet users is THE most significant social issue today. It is without a doubt THE most crucial issue of The Internet Age. The installation of tracking code onto a person’s computer when they visit a particular web site should be more regulated. How many times have you visited a web site only to discover you were misled after doing a search using one of the big three search engines who sold the rights to that web site to do just that, mislead you so that they could attach tracking code to your computer? Now you don’t know who is tracking you or what web site installed secretive, malicious software on your computer that is acquiring your key strokes or uploading your files.

Furthermore, we hear in the news…

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