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Why I Give Quarters Instead of Candy on Halloween

Posted on: November 3, 2015

I only had three sets of little goblins come to my door this Halloween. It had been raining rather thoroughly all day and the trick or treaters must have stayed in.

After tossing a twenty-five cent piece into the little orange plastic jack-o-lantern basket of one diminutive vampire, I received an inquisitive look from his partner, a fairy princess I believe she was. So I tossed a quarter into her basket. And with a shrugging of the shoulders or a flapping of the wings or whatever those things were, they flew off.

The next trick or treater showed up with his mom and I said to her, “I only have quarters. I’m giving them quarters.” She said that was fine. He can learn to save some money, then.

I said to her, “good idea.” But it wasn’t the reason I was handing out quarters, something I’ve been doing for a couple of years, now. No, my motives are more selfish than that, I must admit.

I think it’s great that kids can learn to save by collecting money during trick or treat. But the reason I give out quarters is that the country is becoming ever more socialized with each day and each election and this next presidential election seems to be going that way as well.

And what that means is it is quite possible in short order we should expect to see completely socialized medicine, something entirely different than the Affordable Care Act.

And that means I’m going to have to pay more in taxes to cover those costs to pay for that socialized medicine when it comes to be.

So, here is my logic about giving out the quarters: if I contribute to the tooth decay and obesity of the little goblins by giving them candy, in a few years I’m going to have to pay for that in terms of taxes when it comes time to pay for the socialized medical care and dental care that resulted from eating that chewy, gooey goodness we Americans call candy. Because if one of those socialist candidates masquerading as a Democrat gets elected we are probably going to see real socialized medicine, you know the kind where they get rid of medical insurers altogether and you have no choice about where you go for health care. To me, tossing the gremlins a quarter on Halloween is money well spent rather than giving them something that will rot their teeth and give them coronary illness later in life.

That’s my logic behind giving the rascals quarters.

Being that I only had three visits from munchkins during trick or treat, I’d say that’s $1.25 that was well spent! Had I given them candy bars, when they combine that with all of the other chewy, cavity yanking candy they pirated from my neighbors, that can do some damage to teeth and cost you and I a lot more further on down the road.

Besides, I did the math and even those little candy bars can cost as much as a quarter, some even more. I’m doing the math a lot lately. Maybe I should forget about the math. Maybe I should just let the socialists take over, enter into a complete state of ignorance, and turn the country in no time at all into a “real” communist hole.

Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes. Until you have to wait in line for a loaf of bread and another for your butter. And you can forget about the candy. And clothing. And cars. And working electronics. And the list goes on and on.

Copyright © William Thien 2015

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1 Response to "Why I Give Quarters Instead of Candy on Halloween"

I would like to see some quantitative stats presented in a now-vs-then way breaking down how much public aid and essential govt service exsists ‘today’ versus, say, that on a given day, 20, 30 and 40 years ago; it’s my feeling that the Great Society initiatives of the mid 60s was a new ground for public aid. But that it’s since remained at about the same level, just perhaps mutating form and initiatives…. i don’t have a dog in the fight; it just seems to me in the blog world, black males constantly claim and complain over ‘racism’, while white men are equally obsessed with ‘taxes’ and ‘the government’; someone tidily summed it up when he said on a blog i sometimes visit: “The government is the white man’s ‘racism.'”

I, too, am pretty much against entitlements like EBT cards and govt.-provided health care. But i figure if society is going to allow a criminal corporate class to keep monopolizing and manipulating labor and capitol, then what else is there but the services to provide ‘basic needs,’ when adult men are trying to raise a family on wages in or around $10 per hour? Seems the anti-tax/anti-welfare crowd never complains about corporate welfare.

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