William Thien

The Milwaukee Republican Presidential Debate

Posted on: November 12, 2015

My analysis of the Milwaukee Republican Debate is that the candidates upped their game. The candidates seemed to have gained substantially more traction with regard to platform and message. But there is still quite a bit of tip-toeing around the issues of wealth redistribution and an overly complex tax code that is unfair to large swaths of the middle class in various groups.

Those candidates that discussed control of certain corporate behaviors had my attention. The discussion of flat taxes is very appealing to me as well. At this point there are three candidates I would vote for using my personal scoring, all of them male candidates whose names I will refrain from mentioning here. My scoring included response time to questions and accusations and supporting arguments as well as temperament.

Also, though I probably would not vote for her at this point I must admit beyond the three male candidates I chose that are basically tied using my scoring system, I am somewhat partial to Carly Fiorina due to her leadership of a major tech company in an age where tech is everywhere. To me this indicates that she would be able to leverage her knowledge and experience when it comes to working with federal agencies that deal with such subjects as computer hacking and so forth and she would have a good hold on legislation involving the same. In other words, she is not ignorant about the subject of the internet age whereas some candidates clearly are so. I have written that I believe the internet is still in its infancy, much like the television was for fifty years, and to me someone who can address internet issues with experience and clarity will be of great use to The United States. Though, that is not all of what The US is about, it is significant and any leadership that can keep the US out in front of the development of internet technologies and regulation will be useful. Fiorina also offers a suitable counter-candidate to the “enemy,” whoops, I mean “competition” if this is going to be an election about gender politics and not general issues that effect us all.

Finally, I think Milwaukee is the ideal venue for such a debate. For some reason the candidates seemed to be more motivated and their responses more on message. There is something stifling I believe to the political process when the debates are held on the east coast, in Washington D.C., or California. The candidates seem to be subject to too many influences. It could be the D.C. effect.

Now we will have to wait and see if the Democrats shine like the Republicans when the Democrats visit Milwaukee for their debate in 2016.

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