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On Funding Public Education

Posted on: November 18, 2015

I’ve been reading quite a few anti-public education editorials and negative articles lately, and it’s getting my attention, I have to admit.

I’m a product of public schools myself and I have a lot of friends that are teachers or public school administrators.

Students in urban areas are usually the subject but I see negative articles about kids in the burbs and farm country and usually the subject focuses on graduation rates and scholastic performance. But what the journalists almost always seem to do is to focus on public education failures and never, hardly ever, on public education successes.

Where I reside, the urban school districts often have schools that fall within the top five schools in the state and for some time have been the subject of national news magazines as examples of successful educational institutions, performing much better than many if not all private schools.

So, what’s up with all of the negative coverage of public education?

I’ve concluded it’s this. The socialists who write for the newspapers and media love to talk about new educational programs and new methodologies to improve scholastic performance, because, well, that’s what it’s all about, improving schools.

But those same socialists are just like the guy who sits down with the salesman at the car lot and says yes, I want that, and yes, I want that on my new car, and yeah, I’ll take that, too. And when he sees what the bill will be, he realizes, whoa, I’ve overspent. I’m going to have to work a little harder to make that car payment and I don’t wanna work any harder because I’m a freakin’ socialist. Get it?

Yeah, yeah, we got it.

Socialist journalists are in a sense like tire kickers. They want all the bells and whistles, free this, free that, free free free with confetti and streamers and flabby arms flailing about in wild excitement, “oh my, isn’t this exciting!” But when it comes time to pay up, tax time, they try to find whatever they can that’s wrong with the car and then they want to walk away (I like to shop for cars on Sundays, by the way, when there are no salesmen on the lot, but I never kick the tires. Nope. And I haggle just like everyone else on the price).

Public education works. But there is a constant pull at the purse strings which fund public education from in my opinion those who in one breath say we need more support programs and more after school programs and free this and free that and when the tax bill comes, they freak out and go negative. In my opinion, that’s what explains a certain amount of the negative coverage by the media of public education, right up through college level. Free is good, until you have to pay for it. And it’s those same socialists asking for everything free that in the next breath are saying public education doesn’t work. You don’t hear conservatives asking for free everything.

One other observation. Parents like to think, hey, I don’t pay myself for taking care of my children, why should I have to pay someone else? My kids are great. Maybe we can get it for free? Yeah, well it doesn’t work that way. That’s what is called “a harebrained socialist scheme.” People need to eat and they need more than ramen. Parents also think that the money they receive in the form of a tax break (a tax break they receive even though they use more government services when they send their little tax breaks to school, public or voucher schools for that matter), they think the tax breaks they get for dependents grow on trees. The tax breaks are from the magical tax break fountain. Uh, wrong. People have to pay for those tax breaks. It comes from someone, usually someone like me with no tax breaks or deductions whatsoever aside from the standard BS (ahem, basic single) deduction.

Hi there.

Perhaps the socialists should have listened when their teacher told them to be quiet in class.

How about a car program for socialists? We’ll call it, the stripper lot. You gotta shop there if you are a socialist (even though that’s probably where most conservatives shop when they are looking for their first car because they are more cost conscious, knowing they will have to pay for the car themselves). Because pie-in-the-sky socialists usually don’t intend to pay for anything anyway because they don’t really know where the money is coming from because socialist money grows on trees and stuff like that, so why should they get all the bells and whistles?

It’s time to fund public education instead of trying to dismantle it. It’s worked for 200 years and it still works today.

Note: And many will say, well it was conservatives who started “voucher” schools. My response is, I think it is a valid response to “free everything!”

Finally, this is not really my type of subject material, it’s just that I’ve been reading so much negativity towards pubic education lately I had to write something. So I’m only going to keep this observation up for a day or two.

Copyright © William Thien 2015


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