William Thien

What is a Super-Socialist?

Posted on: November 19, 2015

As I write about some of the larger robber barons and consider the plight of the middle classes, something occurs to me about those profiteers who derive most of their revenue and profit through their alignment with funds coming from government social programs, medical programs, rent support (I’m not talking about the guy who owns a few rental properties and makes a decent living, I’m talking about the massive real estate concerns), government subsidy, appropriations and seemingly on ad infinitum. It is not that there isn’t a need for such business-government relationships, but to make profound changes to the tax code and the structure of social programs, enlarging them for the very reason of increasing profit, well that raises some significant questions.

There is a distinction between those profiteers and those of us who believe in the derivation of revenue from sales and service to the public primarily. Those who derive the predominance of their revenue through alignment with funding from social programs are difficult to distinguish from authoritarian or elite socialists and in the case of those multi-billionaires and the like who profit primarily from taxes derived for government programs, that would then make them “Super-Socialists” in a sense and ultimately no different from those who profited thoroughly from any advantageous position during the time of the Soviet Union, for example. Then, it was called corruption in The Soviet Union. Today, here and in the rest of the western world, it has been mislabeled “good business practice.”

And if we are to consider the tax code and how it directly affects the middle classes unfavorably, we must not forget that there is a reason for it and people behind the tax code’s structure, people, many to which I have just enumerated by definition who lobby for this condition and align with the elected. They are what I call the “Super-Socialists.”

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